Fascinating Fact About Aardvark

Ashley | 02 - 01 - 2022
Aardvark Facts

Fact About Aardvark :

Aardvarks are a combination of anteaters and earth hogs. These burrowing mammals originated in Africa and are the only living species under the Tubulidentata order. Here is some fun fact about aardvark:

An aardvark’s body resembles a pig while its face resembles an anteater, but the species is related to neither. They are closely related to elephant shrews and golden moles. Coarse hair protects them from insect bites. They are nocturnal animals and use their sense of smell to navigate. The animal belongs to the species with spade-shaped legs that aid in burrowing. They have a long, sticky, 12-inch long tongue, rabbit-like ears, and are 105-130 centimeters long. They are found in woodlands, grasslands, and deserts where the soil is easy to dig through. 

Similar to nine-banded armadillos, aardvarks are solitary creatures that pair only for reproduction. Aardvarks give birth to one cub after a seven-month gestation and mature within six months. Aardvarks get sexually mature after two years of birth and stay with their mothers till the next breeding season commences. 

How Long Is an Aardvarks’ Tongue?
  • A. 15 Inches
  • B. 14 Inches
  • C. 13 Inches
  • D. 12 Inches

Amazing Facts About Aardvarks

Now that you know how aardvarks look in reality, let’s get to know some really interesting facts about the aardvark lifestyle. What does it take for them to survive in the wild? 

  • All carnivorous animals in the wild are predators of these aardvarks throughout their life. They either run in a zigzag pattern or dig instant burrows to escape during a chase. 
  • A typical aardvark burrow is 13 meters long and has multiple entrances. The burrows are used for foraging food, refuge, and as nests.
  • Cucumbers are the only fruit these animals can digest. Their diet consists of ants and termites. They travel a minimum of 16 km every night in search of food. 
  • They walk on their toes always and are great swimmers. An aardvark in captivity can live for 23 years.
  • They are found in abundance and African tribes respect these animals for their diligence and use their teeth as lucky charms.

Interesting Facts About Aardvarks

How about some numbers to brush up on your general knowledge before a quiz on fun facts about aardvarks?

  • Aardvarks can dig 1.2 m of soil in under 30 seconds
  • They can run at a speed of 26 mph
  • They eat 50,000 to 60,000 ants or termites every day
  • Male aardvarks’ testicles are located inside their abdomen
  • Aardvarks are color blind and have poor vision
  • They get aggressive when threatened. They use their sharp claws to hurt predators when cornered without burrowing opportunities. 
  • They are usually noiseless and make withering cries when threatened. 
  • Birds use aardvark burrows to escape extreme weathers

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