Everything You Need to Know about the Giant Squid

Eliza | 11 - 23 - 2020
Giant Squid

The giant squid is a species of the deep-ocean. They are a rare species with parrot-like beak, eight arms, two tentacles to feed them.

Here, we have listed out some cool facts about the giant squid. Check it out!

Mind-Blowing Facts about the Giant Squid: 

How Long Do Giant Squid Live?
  • A. About a year
  • B. About five years
  • C. About 12 years
  • D. About 9 months

The Giant Squid’s Maximum Length

Giant squid is one of the biggest animals on the planet.  They are about 43 feet long, if you measure all the way out to the tip of their two long feeding tentacles. They are not long, if you measure the body alone but when you measure the long tentacles and arms that make them so giant.

Female Giant Squid Is Bigger Than Male Giant Squid

Female giant squids are around twice the size of male squids when measured from their tip of their beaks to the ends of their two long tentacles.

Giant Squids’ Eyes Are in the Shape of a Dinner Plate

Giant squids have the largest eyes in the animal kingdom. They are in the size of a dinner plate and the eyes open up to 35cm in diameter – it is to notify the large predators, such as the sperm whales.

Does the Giant Squid Have Three Hearts?

Like all other squids, giant squids have three hearts. A median heart pumps oxygenated blood throughout the body, which it receives from two smaller ones that pump blood through the gills.

When Was the Largest Giant Squid Ever Recorded?

On September 30, 2004, history was made – Zoologist Tsunemi Kubodera and whale watcher Kyochi Mori attracted an Architeuthis about 2950 feet beneath their vessel. More than five hundred images were taken of the giant squid before it jetted away.

What Eats Giant Squids?

The only known predator of the giant squid is the sperm whale, and they are really great at finding them too. Giant squids do have a few tricks to try to avoid predators. Like other cephalopods, they are able to excrete dark ink to distract prey while they jet away. Estimated 4.3 to 131 million squids gets eaten by sperm whales each year

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