Five Successful Celebrity Beauty Brands in the World

Eliza | 08 - 15 - 2023
Five Successful Celebrity Beauty Brands in the World

Today, there is a lot of competition among beauty brands. Many celebrities own beauty brands that focus on skin, nail, and hair care. The mission statements of these brands may vary, but they are all involved in enhancing your looks. Some of these celebrity-owned beauty brands may outshine others, but all of them are unique in their own ways. In this blog, let’s take a glance at the five best celebrity beauty brands.

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Redefining Beauty: Celeb-Owned Brands

Here, we have listed and described five beauty brands owned by celebrities in no particular order. These iconic beauty brands by celebrities have been climbing new heights every year. 

Fenty Beauty is the brand of Selena Gomez.
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1. Fenty Beauty

It is the beauty empire of the singer and actress, Rihanna. It offers makeup for all skin tones. Rihanna launched Fenty Beauty on September 8, 2017. The products are available in many nations of the world, including eight African countries. When Fenty Beauty released the Pro Filt’r foundation, it became a product of high demand.

2. Rare Beauty

Selena Gomez owns Rare Beauty, and its products are created to make you feel good, without losing the uniqueness of your features. Rare Beauty’s mission statement is to “break down unrealistic standards of perfection.” In addition to the beauty line, Gomez has also founded the “Rare Impact Fund,” which is committed to providing access to resources and services for people to support their mental health. As a part of this venture, 1% of the sales from Rare Beauty will go to the Rare Impact Fund.

Rare Beauty

3. Goop 

It is the “Iron Man” actress, Gwyneth Paltrow’s brand. In 2008, Goop started as a homespun newsletter, and today, it’s a multi-million dollar market. Paltrow consistently promotes her brand with tips and techniques for skincare. Every time she gives ideas for maintaining flawless skin, they immediately go viral. Goop continues to be an example of celebrity-driven beauty brand success.

4. Meaningful Beauty 

In 2004, the entrepreneur and model, Cindy Crawford, founded Meaningful Beauty. It was also formulated by the famous aesthetic specialist, Dr. Jean Louis Sebagh. The beauty brand concentrates more on “age maintenance” rather than “fighting aging.” The products include scalp-care items and also focus on repairing and strengthening.

5. Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Jenner’s “Kylie Cosmetics” is highly popular for its lip products. It was previously known as “Kylie Lip Kits.” There have been some controversies regarding the products of the beauty brand. The very first non-collaborative collection from Kylie Cosmetics was called “Weather,” which was an ode to Kylie Jenner’s daughter, Stormi, who had inspired the collection. 

Globally Recognized Celebrity Beauty Ventures

We have now discussed some beauty brands that have been rocking the beauty industry for quite some time. These are some of the brands that are here to stay. 

Celebrity Beauty Ventures

In an industry that changes constantly, celebrities have to introduce new products every year and also cater to the needs of the customers. After reading our blog on the five best celebrity beauty brands, you would have got an idea of what’s currently happening in the beauty industry.

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