List of Discontinued Makeup Brands

Julia | 05 - 22 - 2023
Makeup brands that don’t exist anymore

Nothing hurts more than missing your favorite makeup product from your go-to brand. It becomes worse once a makeup brand discontinues their products completely. Each day, you can see a celebrity collaboration with famous beauty brands through advertisements, social media, and special events. Continue reading to know more about the top discontinued makeup brands. 

1. Jessica Simpson Dessert Beauty 

In a competitive beauty industry business, you must work hard to stand out in a great position. Jessica Simpson launched her self-titled Dessert line, full of beauty products such as glosses and body sprays. These products did not satisfy the customer’s taste despite the sweet and sugary flavors. Dessert Beauty brand was hit with a lot of controversial lawsuits starting from product names to accounting and manufacturing. Then, slowly the dessert beauty lost its charm and stands one among other discontinued makeup brands. 

2. Tokidoki

Tokidoki is one of the Japanese-inspired lifestyle makeup brands that don’t exist for a long time among customers. The cosmetics of this brand feature several characters like Moofia, Cactus friends, Donutella, and her sweet friends. After a couple of years, this brand eventually fizzled out in 2012. 

Name the beauty brand launched by Jessica Simpson
  • A. Dainty Doll
  • B. MAC Cosmetics
  • C. Dessert Line
  • D. Versace

3. Khroma Beauty 

The sisters Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe started a makeup business called Khroma Beauty in 2012. Shortly, license issues related to the brand were filed when it hit stores. This caused the removal of products from the market a year later. 

4. Morphe X James Charles 

James Charles rose to YouTube prominence after posting makeup-related content and tutorials. He collaborated with Morphe Cosmetics in 2018 and launched the Morphe x James Charles eyeshadow pallet, brush set, etc. In 2020, Charles was accused of using racist language, and sexual misconduct allegations were charged against him later in 2022. This paved the way to stop the partnership with Charles by Morphe brand. 

Apart from these, Bonne Bell, Versace, Pop of Color, and Dainty Doll are other discontinued makeup brands that no longer exist. You need to be updated about your daily beauty products and their demand in the market. Choose the right beauty brand that lasts long for your safety and health.


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