How Many Dwayne Johnson Movies Can You Identify?

Elmira | 10 - 24 - 2020
Dwayne Johnson movies

We recognize Dwayne Johnson as The Rock. He has proved that he is a multi-talented person. He is a popular Hollywood star with a massive following. You may have watched him in movies as well as in the ring. People call him a blockbuster. If you are a fan of Rock, you can easily answer all the quiz questions within a minute. We have put together some of his movies, let’s see how much you know about movies with the rock in it.

Are you ready to play this fun quiz to see how many of these Dwayne Johnson movies you can name by seeing a picture? Attend this most challenging quiz on movies with the Rock in it! Good luck!

Can Anyone Identify This Film?
  • A. San Andreas
  • B. Resident Evil
  • C. Ghost of Mars
  • D. Guardians of Galaxy
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