How Music Touches the Brain?

Elmira | 11 - 18 - 2023

What could make your mood better than listening to your favorite music? Ever since humans were born, music has become irreplaceable in their lives. From listening to a lullaby to dancing to rock, music dominates a person’s life in different ways. Sad or happy, no matter what the mood is, music always finds a way to soothe our mood. 

Well, what does music do to our brain? Scientists have found that music triggers the brain than any other part of our body. Music impacts brain functions and our behavior in a very good way. Research proves that music reduces stress, depression, and pain, and also improves the brain’s ability. 


What categories come under music?
  • A. Lullaby
  • B. Rock
  • C. Jazz
  • D. All of the above

How Does Music Affect Your Brain?

When people listen to songs, the sounds go through the middle ear and then the inner ear.

The sound waves of the music first transform into electrical signals and transmit them to the brain. In specific, the signals are carried to the front lobes and hippocampus, the part that controls our emotions, motivation, memories, and learning. 


What Are the Cognitive Benefits of Music?

  • Music affects brain psychology by making you feel more relaxed in a stressful situation. Some cultures even use it to ease the pain. 
  • Studies suggest that music in some cases can be used to heal patients with specific illnesses. Children with delayed speech development can also be treated with music. This shows that music plays a role in healthcare too.  
  • Music is extremely powerful to our brain and there is a scientific study of the effects of music on the brain called Neuromusicology.

Music and Memory

Emotions are linked to memory, and that’s why you can still reiterate the words of the songs that you listened to during childhood. Music helps the brain cells decode the information more effectively and makes it easier to adapt. 

Music and Learning

Music makes learning easier. Listening to your favorite genre of music and singing along will enhance the memory power of your brain. 


Music and Emotions

Music triggers the release of dopamine and other chemicals. It stimulates your mood positively. 

Listening to your favorite music will enhance your mood, and keep you happy and excited. 

Music stimulates the entire brain in a very good way. Listen to the right songs and uplift your soul with music! If you are a person who loves music and playing musical instruments, Try playing our musical instrument identification quiz now!

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