How Often Should You Feed Your Cat?

Elmira | 10 - 12 - 2020
How Often Should I Feed My Cat?

Most cats should feed twice a day from six months to maturity. Once the cat becomes an adult or about 1 year, you can feed cats once or twice a day. Senior cats whose age is seven or above should follow the same feeding routine.

Francis Kallfelz, DVM, Ph.D., board-certified by the American College of Veterinary Nutrition and James Law professor of nutrition at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine says, “Once cats reach adulthood, once a day feeding is fine as long as they are healthy and have no disease problems suggesting a reason to feed differently.”

Cat Feeding Guide

You must know the amount of meals depends on your cat’s age, preference, and health. If you want to know what mistakes you are making while feeding a cat and why, read further to know more. Cats can’t tell what they prefer to eat and how much food they should eat. You only come to know when your cat is sick.

How Much Food Should a Cat Eat?
  • A. 24 to 35 calories a day
  • B. 20 to 35 calories a day
  • C. 24 to 30 calories a day
  • D. 25 to 35 calories a day

The Best Type of Food

You must provide food to cats at specific meal times. Do not change meal timing every day as per your convenience. Both dry and canned foods can be fed to cats. Dry meals are fine as long as it is complete and balanced. Dry foods should be fed with lots of water to avoid the urinary tract blockages. For all cats, you must provide fresh and clean water.

Canned cat food contains about seventy to eight percent of water which is better to be fed rather than dry food. Some cats find canned food tasty. They consume more if they are allowed to eat more. Dr. Kallfelz states “Food with average palatability may be preferable” and says further “If a cat can maintain his weight, free-choice feeding is okay.”

How Many Times a Day to Feed a Cat?

The number of mealtimes for a cat depends completely on the family schedule. Cats should consume food at least twice a day, about 12 hours apart. If you are busy in your morning routine, you can feed your cat in the evening. If you can’t find time in the evening, you can feed your cat in the morning. Find the perfect schedule and follow the same.

If you have many cats in your home, you should keep in mind that the quantity of food offered should not increase the total calorie requirements for all the cats per day. 

The Health of Your Cat Matters

If your cat falls sick or suffers from diabetes, you must consult a veterinarian and feed him/her as suggested by the doctor.

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