In What State Were the Most Revolutionary War Battles Fought?

Emma | 08 - 17 - 2020
In What State Were the Most Revolutionary War Battles Fought

The majority of the war battles were fought in New Jersey. New Jersey was an important state during the revolutionary war period because of its location. It is near the center of the thirteen colonies and also located between New York and Philadelphia. Because of this New Jersey revolutionary war battles are more compared to other states.

History of Revolutionary War in New Jersey

In the year 1776, New Jersey declared itself an independent state and joined the colonial side in the revolutionary war. They were pivotal in the American Revolution and because of this, they earned the name Crossroads of the American Revolution. The Americans and British fought over 100 battles here in New Jersey.

1775-1783 throughout these years the lives of many New Jersey citizens were dramatically affected by the events of the war. Some of their houses and buildings are still standing; each of these structures has its own story.

1. Who Was the British King during the American Revolution?
  • A. King George III
  • B. King Henry V
  • C. Queen Victoria V
  • D. None of the above

What Is a Famous Revolutionary War Battle That Took Place in New Jersey?

New Jersey played a major role in the American Revolution, and it is the place where many important battles took place. But it was the Battles of Trenton and Battle of Princeton that became very famous.   

Top 10 New Jersey Battlefields

Monmouth Battlefield State Park

Red Bank Battlefield Park

Historic New Bridge Landing

Princeton Battlefield State Park

Washington’s Headquarters Museum

Trenton Battle Monument in New Jersey

Fort Lee Historic Park

Indian King Tavern Museum  

Boxwood Hall State Historic Site

Monmouth Battlefield Visitor Center

Morristown National Historical Park

Hancock House Historic Site

Old Barracks Museum

Wallace House & Old Dutch Parsonage Historic Site

Washington Crossing State Park, NJ

These are some of the famous revolutionary war sites in New Jersey. Revolutionary war battles in New Jersey are not glorified, many people lost their loved ones due to small tragedies. Still, the war battles live in the minds of the people in New Jersey and in the places.

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