Interesting Bra Facts That You Need to Know

Emma | 02 - 21 - 2022

Interesting Bra Facts:

Bras are indeed one of the important aspects of every wardrobe. Many women find it uncomfortable and restricted while wearing a bra. A good-quality bra is the foundation of every stunning outfit and it has the power to make or break your entire look. Do you know the history of the foremost wardrobe bare essentials? Read on to discover the history of bras and interesting bra facts.

A Brief History of Bras

There are many myths regarding the origin of bras. Before the invention of bras, women went bare breasts or wore accessories in the shape of bras to cover their breasts. The first bra came into existence in 1866 in England and was made with silk and wire. However, the inventor of the first bra is unknown. In  1869, Herminie Cadolle, a French fashion designer, invented the modern bra, which is considered to be the first bra in history. She cut the corset into two: the top part supported the breasts, and the bottom part provided shape to the waist. Over the years, bras have evolved and many types were introduced. Bras are constantly evolving even now. 

Important Facts About Bras

  1. Vogue used the word “brassiere” for the first time in 1907. Later, the word was included in the Oxford English Dictionary in 1911.
  2. Not washing your bras may be best for the life of your bras but not for your hygiene. Bras need to be washed regularly after every wear. 
  3. 85% of the women wear the wrong size bra. Wearing the wrong size bra can dig into your breasts, leading to tenderness and can even cause severe skin issues. 
  4. The bra  band provides nearly 80% of the support. 
  5. S.H. Camp and Company introduced a cup sizing system in the 1930s. The cup sizing varies from A to D. 
  6. A bra consists of several components. It takes more than 30 components to design a bra. 
  7. Mark Twain invented the modern bra clasp. 
  8. Just like shoes and clothing, Bra sizing can differ from brand to brand. 
  9. Bra gained huge popularity during World War II. There was a shortage of metals in World War II, so Bernard Baruch, the chairman of the U.S war industry, asked women to stop buying corsets, so the metals could be used to make war equipment. 
  10. Unlike other clothing, crafting a bra requires expensive and sophisticated machinery, skilled workers, and a lot of patience and practice. 

When Was the First Bra Invented?
  • A. 1865
  • B. 1866
  • C. 1877
  • D. 1878
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