Interesting Facts About the Tesla Motors and Elon Musk

Eliza | 04 - 30 - 2022

Tesla Motors, an American automotive company in Austin, Texas focuses on sustainable energy. The company comes with more innovative ideas for designing and manufacturing electric vehicles. The billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk serves as the CEO of the company. Amidst the known information that is widely available for the public, there exist many more cool facts about Tesla that one should know.

Founders of Tesla

Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning founded Tesla in 2003 in Austin, Texas. After a few months, Ian Wright joined Tesla. 

Is it true that Elon Musk used to sleep at the Tesla factory?
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  • B. False

In 2004, the company appointed Elon Musk and JB Straubel as Chairman and Chief Technical Officer, respectively. 

Later, Musk, Wright, and Straubel signed an agreement that made them co-founders of the company. Currently, Elon Musk is the largest shareholder of Tesla with 17% shares in the company.

Roadster: The first car

In 2006, Tesla launched its first car, Roadster, which was the fastest car at the time in its category. The car could reach 60mph in just 19 seconds. But it was not a successful model. Yet this incident made the company design and manufacture cars feasible for typical roads.

Roadster is a battery electric vehicle that comes with an electric powertrain retrofitted. The car was fast and great in appearance.

In the automobile industry, Roadster is the first car that has lithium-ion battery cells.

Dog Mode in Cars

In 2019, Elon Musk announced that Tesla added a Dog Mode in Tesla cars. This feature helps the pet owners to set a cabin temperature in the car while they are away.

The dog mode shows a message on the car’s screen that helps the passer-by know that the pet is safe.

Elon Musk used to sleep at Tesla factory

In 2020, while delivering millions of Model S cars, Elon Musk reported that he used to sleep at the Tesla factory to ensure everyone was working in the company up to his standards.

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