Is It Mice and Cheese or Mice and Anything but Cheese?

Ashley | 03 - 15 - 2021
Mice and Cheese

What will the mouse choose, cheese on the plate or the peanut butter in the mousetrap? If you say cheese, you are completely wrong.

Do Mice Actually like Cheese?

A recent study by Dr. David Holmes of Manchester Metropolitan University and home DIYs have proven that mice prefer anything filled with more calories than a block of cheese when given the option to choose.

Why Do We Think Mice like Cheese?

During medieval times, the grains were stored in tightly sealed jars and the meat was salted and hung on hooks attached to the ceiling that were pretty much inaccessible but without preservatives and refrigerators, cheese was left pretty much accessible covered in a layer of wax or wrapped in a piece of cloth in cellars.

What Food Is Irresistible to Mice?
  • A. Cheese
  • B. Bird Seeds
  • C. Cardboard
  • D. Wallpaper

Mice are having an inherent habit of gnawing to keep the length of their teeth manageable. Therefore, mice would get into these cellars and explore at will, gnawing at anything and everything. Ultimately, they would come upon a block of cheese covered with wax. Wax falls quite conveniently into this category of gnaw-worthy material. Our cellars being cold, dark, free of predators apart from the occasional mousetrap, and filled with food are potential safe havens for these scavengers.

Thus, this influenced the age-old depiction in cartoons about mice eating cheese. When the real reason behind mice eating cheese was purely survival. The mice marks we see around are usually caused due to mice honing their teeth and not because they like to eat cardboard and wallpaper.

In reality, mice prefer peanut butter, bird seeds, pumpkin seeds, chocolate, pet food, crunchy food, dead animals, tiny insects, or pretty much that existed before humans invented cheese. 

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