6 Unknown Kentucky Fried Chicken Facts

Ashley | 09 - 07 - 2020
6 Unknown Kentucky Fried Chicken Facts

Raise your hand, if you love KFC! KFCs have always been there for us during our breakups and patch-ups. But there are several facts about KFC that you did not know. Read on to know more about Kentucky fried chicken history and where did Kentucky fried chicken start, If you are a fan of KFC, here are some interesting Kentucky Fried Chicken Facts that you must know!

  1. Kentucky fried chicken story: Where did KFC originate? KFC was first introduced in North Corbin, Kentucky, United States. It is the second-largest restaurant chain with around 22,000 locations in about 150 countries. The first Kentucky Fried Chicken concept was opened in Utah in 1952. In 1987, it became the first western restaurant chain to open in China, Beijing. Today, it has more than 4,500 outlets in the country. The famous feature of KFC fried chicken, the cardboard bucket was first introduced by Franchisee Pete Harman in 1957.
  2. KFC Japan is making people’s dreams come true. We all must have imagined how nice would it be if KFC had a buffet. You can find one such restaurant that offers unlimited fried chicken. It is called KFC all-you-can-eat-buffet and it is located in Osaka. You are given one and a half hours to where you can eat unlimited KFC fried chicken. It is a 100 seated restaurant that also offers additional dishes such as pasta, desserts, etc. Now that you know about the restaurant, do not forget to visit KFC all-you-can-eat-buffet to treat your taste buds.
  3. Original Kentucky fried chicken uses 11 herbs and spices but the exact ingredients are a top-notch secret and hence only two companies were allowed to develop the mix. Many people have claimed that they know the secret recipe of the delicious KFC fried chicken, later during a press release they claimed that the recipe was handwritten by Sanders in 1940 and is locked in a digit safe and buried 2 feet deep in a concrete vault with 24-hour camera security. But you can get the seasoning mixes online and this was sold online in the UK during the nationwide Kentucky Fried Chicken Drought. People suggested that it tasted like the real KFC fried chicken and even after the reopening of KFC, it is still sold online and was a big hit in eBay maintaining positive reviews.
  4. Sanders is famously called Colonel but he was never really a colonel as at the age of 16, he falsified a birth certificate to show he was old enough to get into the army. Later, it was found out and was discharged. But how did get the title ‘colonel’. The Commonwealth of  Kentucky offered the title ‘Colonel’ for his “outstanding performance to community, state, and nation”. He was the given title twice in 1935 and 1949. 
  5. When Harland Sanders started the first KFC restaurant, it was called Sanders Court and Cafe. But how did it get the name KFC(Kentucky Fried Chicken)? Surprisingly, it was not named by Sanders. The name was chosen by Don Anderson, a painter.  
  6. Only in the early 1990s, KFC started introducing other chicken products such as chicken sandwiches, soft drinks, etc. 

Kurisumasu ni wa kentakkii!” which means “Kentucky for Christmas” is a marketing campaign ran in Japan in 1974. This campaign was a huge success and later many Christians in Japan started celebrating Christmas with KFC fried chicken.

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