Is the 2.25-Inch Hair Length Theory True?

Leia Smith | 04 - 12 - 2023
Audrey Hepburn and Emma Watson in short hair

What is the 2.25-inch rule?

From Audrey Hepburn to Emma Watson, Hollywood celebrities never forget to steal the show with a short haircut. Such hairstyle became popular in 1920, which includes the bob cut ( straight cut around the head till jawline). Young women used to style it with bangs, the Eton crop which is even shorter than a bob cut, and the shingle bob which ideally covers the ears giving a V shape at the nape of the neck. However, these days stylists are coming up with amusing hairstyles with formulas.


What is the 2.25-inch rule? People hardly come across the rule namely the “2.25-inch” rule. To your astonishment, it is a formula for a haircut. You might have known many formulas related to math but hair? Yes, John Frieda, a celebrity stylist invented the 2.25-inch formula to make it simpler. But working out the formula is even more simple than it sounds. 

How to check if it’s for you?

As a matter of fact, hairstyle accessories are not required to measure your hair. All you need is a pencil and a ruler. Place the pencil horizontally under the chin while the ruler vertically at your earlobe. The intersection point is your measurement. If the point is less than 2.25 inches, then a short haircut will perfectly suit you. It goes well for short faces. Is the 2.25-inch hair length rule only for petite faces you may ask? No, an expertised hairstylist could give you the perfect haircut no matter what shape your face is.

Who invented the 2.25-inch rule?
  • A. Kerrie Urban
  • B. Kristen Stewart
  • C. John Frieda.
  • D. Emma Watson

Does the 2.25-inch rule work? 

Yes!! But it still depends upon the shape of your face. Make-up artist Kerrie Urban states “It is a good rule but there is always an exception”. Eva Scrivo, a celebrity hairstylist suggests that “with the right cut, short hair can be used to strategically balance face shape”, For instance, Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba, have oblong faces yet have a short hair cut. As already stated, it is in the hands of the stylist to perform the magic. Hope you found this blog informative. By the way, have fun solving the quiz.

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