Most Underrated Places to Travel in 2022

Ashley | 01 - 18 - 2022
Places to Travel in 2022

 Underrated Places to Travel in 2022

Get to know the places to travel in 2022 without being bulldozed by a throng of tourists! 

What Is the Most Underrated Places to Travel in 2022  in the World?

Play this interesting quiz to find out why you must go to a place that doesn’t attract a lot of people for a vacation. 

Most Underrated Places to Visit in America 

From Las Vegas to the amazon rainforests there are numerous tour packages and transportation modes to travel the well-known expanse of both north and south America but what about these 4 underrated destinations? 

Which Is the Most Underrated Tourist Place in America?
  • A. Central Park
  • B. Letchworth State Park
  • C. Fall Creek Falls State Park
  • D. All of the Above

Letchworth State Park, New York

A miniature version of the Grand Canyon at its best. From scenic waterfalls to litter free trials this is the essence of nature amongst the NYC skyscrapers. Plus, you can schedule an entire adventure trip from trekking to swimming right in the middle of the weekday. 

Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta

How does a fun family vacation sound? Have a blast at Canada’s very own dinosaur provincial park. From camping under the sky to getting first-hand experience at dinosaur fossil discovery sites, Alberta is the perfect place for a trip. 

Lençóis National Park, Maranhão

Do you think white and turquoise are a good match? Head over to this Amazon basin to bask in the glory of spectacular lagoons hidden in between white sand dunes in your very own Brazil. 

Where Should I Vacation in Europe 2022?

The first holiday destination that pops in our mind when we think about an abroad vacation in Europe. Italian pizza and French wine does sound like an enticing vacation but these underrated travel destinations in Europe will be a whole new deal!

Liverpool, England

If a less crowded London is what you are looking for then Liverpool has the perfect combination of food, culture, music, and art for you. Make sure your plan includes Cavern Club, Penny Lane, dabble with the Beatles history, and Royal Liver Building, and maritime museum. 

Nafplion, Greece

Greece is the next best to visit in Europe. Escape reality in Nafplio this 2022. From archaeological sites to well preserved theaters, Nafplion exhibits Greece at its best. Treat yourself to a spectacular view after trekking through 800 stairs.

The Hague, The Netherlands

Are you by any chance a vegetarian? The best underrated travel destination for vegetarians in 2022 is definitely The Hague. There are tons of canals, beach bars, and museums added to the unique politics and history.  

Most Underrated Travel Destinations in Asia  

Now there is a lot to cover in Asia but we have decided to give you the top three to make it easy to choose. 

Gansu, China 

What Is the Best Vacation Spot Ever? Naturally colorful mountains that hide various historic sites would be a good addition to your itinerary. Head to Gansu range to see it for real. 

Northern Kerala, India  

Kerala is famously known as “God’s Own Country” for its rich resources, culture, history, climate, and more. Southern Kerala is a buzzing spot for tourists but the North is no less in terms of vacationing spots too! Just jump a little towards the east to experience the aesthetics of Chennai. 

Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Let’s dive deep! Enjoy snorkeling, deep-sea diving, boating, and other water-based activities without waiting in a long queue at this Indonesian marvel. Plus, delight in the view of the massive kaleidoscope of butterflies and flocks of colorful birds on the Island. 


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