Musicians And Their Unique Accessories

Ashley | 04 - 17 - 2021
Identify These Famous Musicians

Famous people always seem to have weird quirks like unique eating habits, costumes, or unusual requests. Here is a list of famous musicians who were weird.

  1. Mozart often pretended to be a cat by climbing over furniture and meowing when he was bored.
  2. Beethoven suffered from OCD and always insisted on counting the number of coffee beans that went into his drink. The ideal number was 60 coffee beans.
  3. “What A Wonderful World” star Louis Armstrong started handing out herbal laxatives to those around him after losing significant weight consuming the same.
  4. Kurt Cobain thought he was adopted by a human woman and would often talk to his alien parents in the sky as a kid.
  5. Freddie Mercury was a cat person and owned about ten cats.
  6. Sechs Keis member Eun Jiwon has the habit of pulling his eyelashes. 
  7. Taylor Swift has vintage baseballs inside a fish tank in her living room.
  8. Kanye West demands that his drivers be dressed in 100% pure cotton.
  9. Rihanna has the habit of stealing wine glasses from hotels.
  10. Beyonce changes her email id every week.
  11. Jeon Jungkook has a weird mannerism of tilting his head frequently.
  12. DMX collected bugs as a pass time hobby.
  13. Justin Beiber requested a yoga casket and a troop of cars and choppers to follow him. 
  14. Katty Perry requires her dressing room to be filled with fresh flowers at all times.

Do You Know These Weird Facts About Music?

  1. A few people are indifferent towards music. They don’t get goosebumps nor feel the need to bob their head or tap along with the rhythm irrespective of the beat.
  2. Musicians have shorter lifespans than the average person.
  3. In 2016 Mozart CDs sold more in comparison to Beyonce CDs.
  4. An earworm is a song that is stuck in your head.
  5. Britney Spears’s songs are used to chase pirates by the British navy.

Let’s dive into the world of music and identify these famous musicians with a picture of their signature accessories.

This Musician Was Considered the “King” In the ’60s
  • A. Elvis Presley
  • B. Michael Jackson
  • C. Black Sabbath
  • D. Bob Dylan
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