Never-Known Facts About Top Gun: Maverick

Julia | 08 - 16 - 2022
Top Gun Maverick

Hollywood got a fresh glimpse of action drama when Top Gun hit theaters in 1986. The compelling storyline, captivating characters and stunning visuals—even for a movie filmed in the 80s—made fans fall in love with Top Gun, and anticipate a sequel. But all they could do was wait. But the wait was worth it. 

36 years later—after several delays and obstacles—Top Gun: Maverick flew in on 2022’s Memorial Day weekend, breaking several records on its way. Theaters filled with fans who waited for almost four decades and the ones mesmerized by the 80’s action classic. 

There are several facts that fans are never aware of that contributed to the beauty of the film. Here are some of the unbelievable facts about Top Gun: Maverick. 

Who played “Rooster” in Top Gun: Maverick?
  • A. Taron Egerton
  • B. Jay Ellis
  • C. Miles Teller
  • D. Ed Harris
  • Top Gun: Maverick Release Date and Journey

The journey for Top Gun: Maverick wasn’t easy. Talks for the sequel started way back in 1990 and development started only in 2010. But after the director Tony Scott committed suicide in 2012, the crew put the production on hold.

The possibility of a sequel was a question for years till 2017, when Tom Cruise—who portrayed the protagonist Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell in Top Gun—announced the sequel was titled Top Gun: Maverick, with him reprising his role as the lead. After three long years of production and filming, the film was ready to hit theaters but was again put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Cruise, who was also an executive producer of the film, specifically wanted the movie to have a theatrical release and so it happened, two years later on Memorial Day weekend.  

  • Top Gun: Maverick Budget

Like any other Tom Cruise action-packed movie, Top Gun: Maverick budget was massive. Production and filming cost a staggering $170 million as only minimal CGI was used. And the end result was well worth it!

Top Gun: Maverick premiered with a smashing $160.5 million, becoming one of the highest-grossing movies on Memorial Day weekend. We all know how much of a successful actor Tom Cruise is. However, it is surprising to know that until Top: Gun Maverick’s box office success, the actor never had a billion-dollar smash.

The Top Gun sequel is the 50th film in history to join the billion-dollar club and Cruise’s first-ever!

  • The Fascinating Top Gun: Maverick Cast

Another reason the first movie of the Top Gun franchise became a massive hit was the cast. The entire cast of Top Gun delivered a massive performance, capturing the audience’s hearts. So the crew wanted Top Gun: Maverick’s cast to do the same. Tom Cruise wanted the film to bring back Val Kilmer, who portrayed Tom “Iceman” Kazansky in the first installment.

Kilmer lost his voice in 2014 as a result of throat cancer treatment, making it hard for the actor to return to the silver screen. But the determined production team planned to bring back the Iceman’s voice through AI—and it did wonders, bringing back one of the franchise’s likable characters!

Boosted with adrenaline from the stunning facts? Check out the quiz to test your knowledge of Cruise’s blockbuster!

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