NFL Players Who Went Broke after They Retired

Emma | 06 - 28 - 2020
NFL Players Who Went Broke after They Retired

1. Warren Sapp

Warren Sapp who played defensive lineman in the National Football League for 12 years made almost $40 million before retirement. 5 years after his retirement he went bankrupt though he performed as an analyst in the NFL Network earning $115,881 every month.

2. Bernie Kosar

Bernie Kosar is a former American football quarterback, who played professionally in NFL.  After his retirement, Kosar has been involved in several ventures even though Kosar and his businesses filed for bankruptcy in 2009. Unfortunately, he’s just one of many former NFL players who went in debt even after earning millions.

3. Luther Elliss

Luther Elliss is a former American college and professional defensive lineman in the NFL. But after he left NFL he went broke and ended up in bankruptcy court in 2010. Then Ellis, the father of 12 including 7 adopted children started a church and relied on his faith to show him and his family a way out of rock bottom. Now Luther is back on track!

1. How Many NFL Players Are Broke after Retirement?
  • A. 78 percent
  • B. 10 percent
  • C. 90 percent
  • D. 50 percent

4. Chris McAlister

Cornerback Chris McAlister who made millions in his career went completely broke after retiring from NFL. During the battle with his ex-wife regarding child support money in his filing he said “I have been unemployed since 2009. I have no income.”  He then added “I live in my parents’ home. My parents provide me with my basic living expenses as I do not have the funds to do so.”

Though they got paid millions, nothing stopped them from getting broke. But if they were good at saving money, they would have saved a large amount of their income for their future after retiring from the NFL.

The report says 78 percent of NFL players were hit by harsh reality and ended up broke after retiring. Some survived the fall yet many are still struggling.

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