Oldest MLB Stadiums in the United States

Iris | 03 - 16 - 2020
Oldest MLB Stadiums in the United States

There are 30 unique baseball stadiums in North America alone. Few of them are built back in the 1950s and even 1930s and are really famous and classic ones.  In the olden days seats of the baseball stadiums were made out of wood. As they were prone to catch fire and few stadiums have been already destroyed by fire accidents the stadium owners renovated them with concrete, bricks, and steel.  Only in the late 90s, the oldest stadium had the lighting facility to play the game after sunset. Most of the oldest MLB stadiums are in outdoors along with the two oldest major league baseball stadiums like Fenway Park and Wrigley Field.

Oldest Ballparks in MLB

Fenway Park

Is it one of the oldest basketball fields? Home to the red sox team it is located in Boston, Massachusetts. The Red Sox won the first baseball game held in the stadium defeating its opponent team New York Highlanders  It was opened in 1912. Before the stadium was expanded it could accommodate only fewer people. Now the seating capacity is around 38000.

Wrigley Field

It was constructed in 1914 located in Chicago and is one of the iconic and oldest basketball stadiums which is home for the Chicago Cubs. The famous ivy wall is part of the game that a couple of game rules are made around it.  The scoreboard was built in 1937 and still operated manually. It is notable that the popular chewing gum brand owner William Wrigley had the possession of the stadium for a certain period of time.

1. Which Is the Oldest Baseball Team?
  • A. New York Yankees
  • B. Atlanta braves
  • C. Los Angeles Angels
  • D. Chicago Cubs

Dodger Stadium

Located near the shores of Los Angeles, California it is the only MLB stadium with a symmetrical outfield. The land was acquired from the residents of Chavez Ravine to build this oldest baseball stadium and it was opened in 1962. Dodger Stadium is home to the team Los Angeles Dodgers who are originally from Brooklyn. The stadium can accommodate over 56,000 people.

Angel Stadium

Built-in 1966 in Anaheim it is close to Dodger stadium. To justify the name there is an A-shaped scoreboard with a halo situated just behind the outfield wall. Home to the California Angels this MLB stadium can accommodate around 60,000 people. This is probably the only stadium which hosted NFL games also. It was home to Los Angeles Rams from 1980 to 1994. For a certain time period, the stadium was called Edison International Field then got back its original name and now it’s called Angel Stadium of Anaheim.

 Apart from these there are many MLB stadiums which were built way earlier and are fully-functioning. These include Rickwood field, Rogers center, Kauffman Stadium, Oakland County Coliseum, Tropicana field, etc.

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