Massachusetts Trivia

Interesting Facts about the First Lighthouse in America
Do you want to learn interesting facts about the Boston Light? Play now to discover more about the first lighthouse in the US!
Where Are “Happy Hour” Signs Banned?
Did you know? Eight states have a ban on Happy Hour. Discover why banning Happy Hour is common across the United States.
Who Are the Women Running for President in 2020?
Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar are among the women running for president in 2020. Explore all about them here.
Who Were the Victims of the Salem Witch Trials?
Do you doubt the existence of witches? Think twice, this blog tells a different story!
Oldest MLB Stadiums in the United States
Opened for baseball in 1912, the seating capacity of this oldest MLB stadium is 37,731 and is home to the Red Sox.
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