Stunning Facts about GOAT, Tom Brady

Julia | 02 - 10 - 2022
Stunning Facts About Tom Brady That Will Blow Your Mind

Facts about Tom Brady:

A Californian by birth, Tom Brady grew up as a San Francisco 49ers fan. Can’t we all agree that it is amusing to know he was a Joe Montana fan while growing up?Learn more facts about Tom Brady below ..

Starting his career as a player for the Super Bowl XXXVI in 2002, Tom Brady is listed as the second-youngest player to win the title—bringing the Patriots one of their greatest victories. The stunning star was just 24 years at the time!

Tom Brady has the most appearances than any other player in the National Football League history. Yet, it is always a sight for sour eyes to watch him play every time. His accomplishments don’t just end there, fellas! He is also praised as the Quarterback with the most wins.

How Many Times did Tom Brady Win the MVP?
  • A. Three
  • B. Five
  • C. Eight
  • D. Eleven

Stunning Facts about GOAT Brandy :

Did you know Tom Brady served as a backup in his early career? Yes, he did. Brady spent two years at the University of Michigan as a backup for Brian Griese, another well-known quarterback in the NFL.

Let’s talk money. Brady retired with the title of highest-earning NFL player and numerous accolades. He earned around $292.2 million in his 22-season career as a quarterback.

You’d be surprised to learn that Brady never trained as an athlete, like most players. He does not follow traditional weight training but works on his flexibility. This makes him one unique player, right?

Brady doesn’t follow the ‘athlete-way’ when it comes to training. It is interesting to see he focuses more on brain exercises to keep his mind clear and sharp and focus on the game. It has paid off well; Tom Brady is a brilliant strategist on-field and a great leader, too.

We all know how crazy fans can get during the Super Bowl. And Tom Brady has a part in it too! Brady has played three of the five most watched television events in American history. Super Bowl XLIX, XLVI and LI are the first, fourth and fifth-most watched television events in America.

Can’t get enough of this legendary player? Check out the quiz to find out more! 

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