The MLB’s Biggest Winners So Far in 2023

Leia Smith | 07 - 11 - 2023
The MLB's Biggest Winners

The 2023 Major League Baseball has begun with raging powerhouses like Braves, Rays, Rangers, etc. Surprisingly, unexpected teams are atop the list, and unexpected ones hit the bottom. This particular season started with several rule changes. A pitch clock was implemented along with some minor changes. Whatever the rules are, the MLB teams never forget to gain the attention of people. 

Top 5 MLB Teams in 2023

Atlanta Braves

The Atlanta Braves seized the NO.1 spot in the 2023 MLB power rankings. It is quite remarkable that they challenged a renowned team in MLB. Braves’ success demonstrates how potential they have been especially this month. With a 21-16 record over the previous six weeks, Atlanta has outperformed the Rays and is tied for the league lead in victories (16) in July.

What is the newly implemented rule in 2023?
  • A. Pitch Clock
  • B. Overhand
  • C. Force out
  • D. None of the above

Tampa Bay Rays

It’s not surprising Rays remain outstanding in American League East. Though they encountered many obstacles in 2022,  the team managed to enter the playoff as a wild card team. Despite the injury, the Tampa Rays ranked 13th in the OPS. The Rays set the best record in Baseball even in the absence of Tyler Glasnow. They have won every game they played so far. 

Texas Rangers

Being recovered from the injury list, the Texas Ranger’s shortstop Corey Seager is hitting.355/.401/.667 and holds a 1.067 OPS. The fans were impressed with the Rangers’ performance in 2023. The Rangers have a 21-12 record throughout that time.

San Francisco Giants

The San Francisco Giants remain one of the best teams in the MLB for nearly a month. At the beginning of the weekend, after having defeated San Diego and Los Angeles in a series, the Giants set the best record in June (15-5). In this series, LaMonte Wade Jr (.517 SLG, 165 wRC+), Joc Pederson (160 wRC+), and Mike Yastrezemski (.518 SLG, 131 wRC+) deserve the applaud right now. After defeating Arizona in a series, the Giants have one more opportunity to prove themselves with an East Coast trip. 

Arizona Diamondbacks

Corbin Caroll, the outfielder of the Arizona Diamondbacks, deserves National League Most Valuable Player Award more than anyone. Being at Top NL West, the Diamondbacks will be watchful in July and that’s the proper approach to take for a young team holding a 20-12 record in the last six weeks.

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