The Tallest Building in the US and Other US Skyscraper Facts

Ashley | 06 - 27 - 2021

The Empire State building may be the first building in the world to contain more than 100 floors but here is the tallest building in the US

United States Tallest Buildings

The One World Trade Center is also known as the ‘Freedom Tower’ is the tallest building in the USA as of 2021 followed by the Nordstrom Tower, Willis Tower, Steinway Tower, and One Vanderbilt.

Feature of the Tallest Building in America

The US skyscrapers and magnificent but the tallest of them all the One World Trade Center is of great interest and here they are:

Which Is the Tallest Building in the World?
  • A. Burj Khalifa
  • B. Shanghai Tower
  • C. KXJB- TV Tower
  • D. OWT Center
  1. The footprint of the OWT centre is the same as each Twin Towers which is 200ft x 200ft and cost $3.9 billion. It is also the 8th tallest building in the world.
  2. The building is 1776ft tall and intentionally refers to the year the US signed its declaration of independence.
  3. It is the tallest building in the western hemisphere of the world.
  4.  Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill firm who also designed the Burj Khalifa and Willis Tower appointed architect Davis Childs to design the new world trade centre.
  5. The construction was completed on 30th April 2012 while the spire was installed on 10th May 2013.

Interesting Facts About the Tallest Buildings in the US

  1. About 80% of the One World Trade Center waste is recycled
  2. The OWT is owned by the Port Authority of NY and NJ
  3. Central Park Tower is the second tallest building in the USA
  4. One Vanderbilt is the second tallest office building in the US
  5. The Skydeck in Willis Tower is the highest observation deck in the US
  6. The home insurance building in Chicago is considered the first Skyscraper of the World
  7. Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building
  8. Shanghai Tower is the second tallest building in the world
  9. Chrysler building’s architect installed a dome that was not designed earlier to beat the Manhattan Trust Building to become the tallest building
  10. The longest elevator fall survivor record is held by the Empire State building

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