Here’s Everything You Need to Know about Google Bard

Julia | 05 - 10 - 2023
Surprising facts about Google Bard

Google launched Bard on March 21, 2023. It performs similarly to ChatGPT. Google’s Bard AI chatbot provides conversational responses to several inquiries. It integrates machine learning and natural language processing to give consumers accurate responses. Additionally, you can include it on mobile apps, messaging services, desktops, and websites. Are you curious to know the Google AI updates? Keep reading to get an idea about Google’s Bard AI chatbot. 

What is Google Bard? 

It is one of the AI-Powered chatbot tools powered by the Language Model for Developed Applications(LaMDA). The generative AI in Google Bard performs text-based tasks such as designing various forms of content, summaries, and answers. It helps you explore topics by summarizing details found on the internet and directs you to relevant websites. 

Why Did Google Release Bard? 

Google released Bard after the great success of OpenAI’s ChatGPT. The ChatGPT gives clear responses to various questions asked by users. Google declared the ‘code red’ three weeks after the launch of ChatGPT which defines the threat caused to its business model. After forty-seven days of the code red strategy, Google announced the launch of Bard on February 6, 2023. 

In which year Google launched the Bard?
  • A. 2020
  • B. 2023
  • C. 2019
  • D. 2022

How Does Google Bard Work? 

Google Bard is designed using the LaMDA technology. LaMDA was built on a neural network design named Transformer Framework developed by Google as an open-source in 2017. It served as the base for other AI tools including GPT-3 language model and more. Bard is primarily built for searching and getting the answer to more natural language queries. 

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) of Bard readily provides context-appropriate responses. Google’s Bard AI chatbot uses its content and knowledge from the web to answer questions. You will not see the citations related to the original content but, in some cases, you can view the footnotes with links. 

Bard is used across several industries for different purposes. A few applications of Bard include advertising, content development, marketing, and education. It is a significant tool that produces quality materials in various genres and formats. 

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