Top 10 Puzzle Game Apps

Vannessa | 05 - 31 - 2022

Almost 75% of people use puzzle apps and play logical, adventurous games every day. We’ve grown accustomed to using touchscreens to play a variety of games. Does playing these puzzle games benefit us? Are we wasting time on these puzzle game apps?

The quick answer is no.  According to some experts, we’re in fact sharpening our brain when we spend time on puzzle game apps. These games help improve our mental speed by developing connections between brain cells. The puzzle game apps are helpful to children and adults as well to improve memory skills and the ability to plan, test, and solve problems.

When children are playing such interactive games they memorize shapes, colors, positions, and strategies to complete them. Let us check out the best puzzle apps that help to enhance your mental activities.

Bomb Club Was Developed by?
  • A. Mert Gur
  • B. Antoine Latour
  • C. Riccardo Zacconi
  • D. Clockstone

Best Puzzle Game Apps

Bomb Club

Bomb Club, which was developed by Antoine Latour for iOS and Android devices, is popular on both platforms. The goal is to create a chain reaction of exploding bombs to clear each level.

It is rated 4.5 stars on both Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Bomb Club Deluxe, an upgraded version game for PC. Comes with new levels, graphics, and many surprises. This is a fantastic puzzle game that will keep you entertained with explosions.

Brain It On

Brain It On, is a physics-based puzzle game that makes you think outside the box to complete each level. You can draw lines, shapes, objects, or anything you think will solve the puzzle. After completing 200 levels, the challenges will increase, and players get stars as rewards after completing every level.

Bridge Construction Portal

Bridge Constructor is a fun puzzle game, where a player has to build bridges. There are 32 levels in which you must build bridges across steep valleys, the bridge should withstand the heavyweight of a truck moving on it. With anchor points and draw lines to make a proper bridge structure. If the bridge is poorly designed, it buckles by the truck’s weight leading to its collapse. 

Chess Light

Chess Light is a puzzle game inspired by chess for beginners to grandmasters. The game contains 180 puzzles, 6 different levels, and a hint system. All you need to do is move the pieces on the board and light up all the squares. It is a free game.

The Eyes Of Ara

It is a mysterious puzzle game, with many adventures and a gorgeous 3D environment. Explore a massive, ancient castle full of secret vaults and hidden rooms. You need to solve complex puzzles, detect lost treasures, and solve riddles.

Tangle Master 3D

Tangle Master 3D, is a challenging game, with numerous tangled-up pieces of different colors of ropes. You have to untangle the ropes. It is freely available on Google Play and App Store.

Match 3D

What’s not to like about the Match 3D app? It allows you to pair up cute combinations of animals, food, emojis, and more. Everyone in your family will enjoy this puzzle game.

Block! Hexa Puzzle Game

Hexa Puzzle is fixing all the pieces together and each level will present you with different shaped blocks that must be placed carefully on a board without rotating them. Try if you can solve up to 300 puzzles in the game.

Polysphere – Art Of Puzzle

This is the most stunning puzzle app you’ll ever come across. Polysphere – Art Of Puzzle, will make you feel like an artist attempting to complete a painting as you swipe and rotate until you see a complete poly art photo. It is similar to a jigsaw puzzle and it gives you a new 3D/360-degree puzzle game experience. Every puzzle you solve makes you smile for sure. Anti-stress images in the games are suitable for both youngsters and adults.

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is the most downloaded puzzle game. Millions of people enjoy this game, which has thousands of levels. Your quick thinking to match the candies will be rewarded with candy combos.

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