Top 15 Weird Laws in Alabama

Ashley | 06 - 24 - 2021
Weird Alabama Laws

Alabama law states that anybody can marry the person of their choice while marrying your siblings by birth/blood/adoption or any ancestors or descendants is illegal. Here are 25 weird laws in Alabama.

Crazy Alabama Laws

Do you know these 5 crazy laws in Alabama?

  1. You should not play with silly string in Mobile
  2. It is illegal to open an umbrella in the streets of Montgomery because it could scare the horses
  3. It is illegal to wear a mask in public. (I guess surgical mask doesn’t count)
  4. Selling peanuts after sundown on a Wednesday in Lee county is illegal
  5. Playing with Dominoes on Sunday could cost you jail

Stupid Laws in Alabama

If you think the above laws were outlandish then check out these stupid Alabama laws:

It’s Illegal to Throw ______ On a Sidewalk in Alabama
  • A. Confetti
  • B. Fruit Peels
  • C. Spit
  • D. All of the Above
  1. You can drive on the wrong side on a one-way road if you have a lit lantern on your vehicle
  2. You cannot walk down Noble street, Anniston in blue jeans
  3. Men have to share any property or its value they owned before marriage after a divorce but this law doesn’t apply to women 
  4. You should never impersonate a priest. Goodbye Halloween!
  5. Holding an ice cream in your front pocket is ok but never in your back pocket

Strange Laws in Alabama

There is more, help yourself with these 5 weird laws in Alabama:

  1. You can be punished with death for throwing salt on a railroad
  2. Disposing boogers in the wind can get you fined
  3. You should probably scratch of singing in public wearing a swimsuit from your bucket list because it’s illegal
  4. Want to make love to a porcupine? Then Alabama is not the place for it
  5. Want to wrestle a bear? Think Russia because it’s illegal in Alabama

Get to know the remaining 10 Alabama weird laws by playing the trivia above and try winning the Oregon weird laws quiz too

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