10 Weird Laws in Oregon That You May Not Know

Elmira | 03 - 16 - 2021
Weird Laws in Oregon

The Beaver State is home to many bizarre and crazy laws that do not make any sense. But they exist and all Oregon weird laws have a story behind them. If you are an Oregonian or curious to find why the state follows the laws that seem dumbest to others, read further to discover more.

Strange and Weird Laws in Oregon

After learning these strange laws in Oregon, you will be convinced that it seems a little weird throughout the state. Let’s dive into some of the dumb laws in Oregon that pass through the state legislative system.

1. Oregon Marijuana Law

Earlier, Oregon was the first state to decriminalize the possession of cannabis ( in small amounts). Later, Oregon voters turned down the authority in 1997. Oregon was the first state to legalize cannabis for medical treatment. Marijuana can be used for medical purposes and was legalized in 1998. While driving, consuming cannabis is illegal.

Can You Eat Ice Cream on Sundays in Oregon?
  • A. Yes
  • B. No

Adults age 21 or above permitted to possess and use cannabis, which can be bought from a marijuana dispensary.

2. It Is Prohibited to Use Canned Corn as Bait for Fishing

You may think, corn is popular and inexpensive fishing bait. But not in Oregon. You are permitted to fish with corn, not with so-called chumming. It is also against the law if you show empty corn cans out into the water to draw fish’s attention to your area.

3. Juggling Is Strictly Outlawed in Hood River without a License

Another strange law in Oregon that you are not permitted to jiggle in Hood River without a license.

 4. It Is Prohibited to Eat Ice Cream on Sundays.

It is considered one of Oregon’s crazy laws that you can not eat ice cream on Sundays.

The law was passed “for the relief of overworked persons engaged in the barbering business.”

5. Forbidden to Whistle Underwater

In Oregon, they don’t encourage reckless swimming. It is prohibited to whistle underwater.

6. No Ice Skates in Washroom

For some people, this law seems one of the strange laws in Oregon and for some people, this rule is considered as Washroom etiquette. Roller skates are most useful when you wear them at the right place, not in the washroom. In Portland, it is unlawful to wear roller skates into toilets to stop the spread of germs.

7. It Is Not Allowed to Get Married on a Roller Rink or an Ice Rink

It is another crazy law in Oregon that getting married on an ice rink roller or roller rink is illegal. Maybe this law wants to prevent newlyweds from getting cold feet.

8. Don’t Leave Shoelaces without Tied in the Street with Un-tied Shoes in Portland

Watch your feet! It is illegal to walk down the streets without tying your shoelaces. This is definitely one of the stupid laws in Oregon!

9. Animal Sex Not Allowed in the City of Stanfield

One more stupid law of Oregon! It is prohibited by Oregon law that animals are not permitted to have sex outside or in full sight. It is unlawful to have over fifty “sexually intact” dogs in the home to decrease the overbreeding of dogs.

10. It’s Banned to Predict the Future in Yamhill

You are not allowed to predict the future in Yamhill county. This law prohibited the practice of astrology, fortune-telling, and other “mystic arts”. They think it is unrealistic and unscientific.

11.No Pet Reptiles in the City Limits of Springfield Unless You’re a School or a City.

Sorry! You are not permitted to own pet reptiles in Springfield except in the school or city.

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