10 Weird Laws in Oregon That You May Not Know

Maithily A | 09 - 19 - 2023

In the US, states can create and enforce their own laws according to their needs. While federal laws apply to everyone in the United States, state and local laws apply to people who live in a particular area. However, this has led to some funny and weird laws over the years. In this blog, we have listed some of the weird laws in Oregon that are truly ridiculous. 

Weird Laws in Oregon

The Beaver State is home to many bizarre and crazy laws that do not make any sense, but they exist and all the strange laws in Oregon have a story behind them. If you live in Oregon or are planning to travel or relocate, you need to know the state laws. They can be dumb, strange, or even pointless, but you have to follow them if you are in Oregon.

1. Oregon Marijuana Law


Can You Eat Ice Cream on Sundays in Oregon?
  • A. Yes
  • B. No

According to this law, adults age 21 and older can use cannabis within specified limits. Oregon was the first state to decriminalize the possession of cannabis (in small amounts). However, Oregon voters overturned this decision in 1997. Oregon was the first state to legalize cannabis for medical treatment. But it is illegal to consume them while driving.

2. Canned Corn Prohibited for Chumming (Fishing)


The crazy law in Oregon prohibits one from using canned corn as bait for fishing. Though corn is a popular and inexpensive fishing bait, you are not allowed to use it in Oregon. The law restricts using canned corn for chumming and throwing empty corn cans in the water to attract fish.

3. Juggling Is Strictly Outlawed in Hood River without a License


You are not allowed to juggle in Hood River without a license. This is one of the Weird laws in Oregon that has a significant impact on aspiring jugglers. The law doesn’t permit them to juggle without the proper bona fide license. 

4. Law Prohibits Eating Ice Cream on Sunday


You will not find ice cream on the dessert menu in Oregon on a Sunday. It is against the law to eat ice cream on Sundays in the streets of Oregon. Honestly, this is one of the strange laws in Oregon which was created in the early 1900s but is still in place. The law was passed for the relief of overworked persons engaged in the barbering business, enabling them to rest. Interestingly, read the weird laws of Iowa to know that icecream vendors are banned in Iowa.

5. It is Unlawful to Whistle Underwater


You may even wonder if it is possible to whistle underwater or if there’s a cop sanctioned to monitor. It is one of the funny laws in Oregon that doesn’t allow anyone to cause any kind of noise underwater. Oregon doesn’t encourage reckless swimming. If you are going for a swim, ensure you don’t attempt to make any noise.

6. Is it illegal to whistle underwater in Oregon


For some people, this law seems to be one of the strange laws in Oregon, while for others, this rule is a washroom etiquette. Roller skates are most useful when worn in the right place, not in the washroom. In Portland, it is unlawful to wear roller skates in public toilets to prevent the spread of germs.

  1. Illegal to Get Married on an Ice Rink


If you are in Portland planning for a destination wedding, refrain from choosing an ice rink or a roller rink because it is illegal to get married on one. But why? Let’s assume it is to prevent newlyweds from getting cold feet.

8.Tie Your Shoelaces While Walking Down the Street


Whether you prefer bunny ears or a standard knot, make sure it is strong, because it is illegal to walk down the streets without tying your shoelaces. Though it is one of the odd laws in Oregon, it helps prevent accidental tripping and falling. Read this weird dress code rules around the world to know even more interesting restrictions followed by the people of different culture. 

9. Crazy Animal Laws 


The strange law in Oregon prohibits animals from following their natural instincts. In Oregon City, animals are not allowed to show their wild side because it creates “nuisances affecting morals.”It is illegal to pet more than 20 “sexually intact” dogs at home. Additionally, it is illegal to own a pet reptile in the city of Springfield. Dogs shouldn’t mate in the city and in front of the public. This law aims to decrease the overbreeding of dogs. Are you a dog lover? Can you find the most popular dog breed? Because this might calm you for a while. 

10. You are Not Allowed to Predict the Future in Yamhill


If you are traveling to Yamhill, do not carry your tarot cards because Yamhill County does not allow you to predict your future. The law prohibits astrology, fortune-telling, palm reading, mystic arts, and similar activities. Though the reason is clearly unknown, it could be due to their unrealistic and unscientific nature.

How do you feel after reading these weird laws in Oregon? If you are planing to visit Oregon anytime soon, ensure you are aware of the state laws. How good are you with laws around the US? Here’s a quick way to test.

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