Top 5 Brands That Empower Women

Iris | 11 - 12 - 2020

In the past few years, many brands have changed their way of advertising from the perspective of marketing. When you take Covergirl, Dove, Always, Organic Valley, and Nike, they not only focus on their marketing but also provide empowerment to women through their Advertising. These top brands empower women by boosting their self-confidence, inner & outer beauty, and help them to focus on their desire with a feel-good attitude.

“Feminism is not about individual women, it’s about a collective and communities. Advertising can’t speak to collective politics because it’s about the individual consumer,” Banet-Weiser added. Now that you are familiar with femvertising, let’s dig into the top 5 brands that empower females through femvertising.

1. Dove – #Speakbeautiful #Dove


When Was Dove’s “Real Beauty” Campaign Launched?
  • A. 2003
  • B. 2004
  • C. 2005
  • D. 2006

Dove is an American personal care brand owned by Unilever since 1957. For more than a decade, Dove is considered to be the originator of femvertising and feminist brand. The most iconic “Real Beauty” campaign by Dove has turned every woman’s vulnerability and insecurities into positivity. Dove’s self-esteem project invited every woman to make them realize they have the potential to build a positive body and self-esteem with the help of Dove.

2. Covergirl – #Girlscan 


This famous American cosmetic brand is owned by the Noxzema chemical company. Covergirl is a femvertising brand that helps children and women to break the barrier and let them realize their dream. Empowered women’s like Ellen DeGeneres, Pink, Katy Perry, and Queen featured in Covergirl’s #Girlscan campaign showed that beauty can vary from person to person and real beauty lies in one’s inner soul and it should be embraced.

3. Always – #Likeagirl  


Always is an American brand of menstrual hygiene products owned by Procter & Gamble. Always is on an iconic mission to boost a girl’s confidence wherever they go and whatever they do. #Likeagirl showcased how we all are driven and locked into these gender stereotypes. #Likeagirl emphasized young girls to make failure as fuel to success.

4. Organic Valley – #Organicvalley

Organic Valley

Rather than promoting female-based products like skincare, cosmetics, pads, and women’s wear organic valley took its advertising to the next level by promoting and marketing their food products through femvertising. Organic valley showcased in their advertisements that not all women’s lives are perfect as shown in the picture and how their quiet morning routine totally differs from what social media depicts.

5. Nike- #Dreamcrazier


Nike aims to manifest how sports can empower women to be magnificent in their life and they also came up with an ad campaign named “Dream Crazier”. Nike’s “Dream Crazier” has been an inspiration for many females who are trying to follow up on their dreams. Dream crazier shines like a spotlight on athletes who chased their dreams by breaking their barriers.

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