Top 7 Old Christmas Traditions That We Forgot

Julia | 12 - 09 - 2021
old Christmas traditions

Christmas is a famous holiday that relies more on traditions than trends. Whether it is stuffing gifts in your stockings or making a gingerbread house, we have been following some traditions of Christmas for decades. But, some traditions have slipped out of modern usage. Here we have enlisted those forgotten old Christmas traditions for your reference. 

Forgotten old Christmas Traditions That Nobody Knows

  • Making Real Sugar Plums

Sugar plums are widely associated with Christmas traditions based on the cultural phenomena known as “ Sugar Plum Fairy in the Nutcracker.” But, modern Christmas traditions involve chocolate cookies or dried fruits and nuts.

  • Electing a Child to Run the Church

This tradition derived from the influence of Roman Saturnalia celebrations which involved the election of a child or boy bishop to run the church during the feast of Saint Nicholas. 

What Is the Most Outdated Christmas Tradition?
  • A. Monkey Buffet
  • B. Hanging Stockings
  • C. 12 Days of Christmas
  • D. None of the Above
  • Hiding String Beans in Your Christmas Cake

Hiding the string beans in your Christmas cake was held during the twelfth night of Christmas celebrations. This game is similar to the modern tradition of finding a bean on a massive cake served on Mardi Gras in the South.

  • Christmas Costumes

Wearing traditional costumes used to be a part of the Christmas celebration. During one famous instance, a group of 13th-century nobles was burned to death when the tar on their “forest savages” costumes caught on fire. King Charles narrowly escaped the incident, and from then the practice was banned within his court.

  • Twelve Days of Christmas

In the modern era, Christmas runs from Thanksgiving to Christmas Day. But it wasn’t the case during ancient times. The whole month is considered an advent. It starts from Christmas day to the eve of epiphany. The final day of the biggest celebration is known as “Twelfth Night.”

  • Fruitcake Under Your Pillow

Placing fruitcake under your pillow was one of the sweetest Christmas traditions. People believed that placing fruitcakes under your pillow is meant to make your wedding dreams come true.


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