Top 9 Interesting Euphoria Facts

Elmira | 04 - 03 - 2022
Euphoria facts

Whether you are obsessed with Rue’s makeup or Zendaya’s performance, we’ve covered all little-known facts to add some spice before you start the next episode. HBO drama Euphoria is the most popular series streaming at the moment. American teen drama television is the perfect blend of toxic relationships, addiction, and prejudice. The series is an adaptation of Israeli miniseries of the same name, and it became the internet’s favorite since its release on HBO in 2019. The show presented young talented actors and actresses including–Emmy Award-winning actor Zendaya.

Interesting Euphoria facts 

Here are some fun Euphoria facts behind the scenes – 

  • Sam Levinson is credited with making this American TV show for HBO. The show focuses on a group of high school students and their love, friendship, drugs, sex, trauma, and social media.
  • Euphoria is an adaptation of an Israeli series. The Israel show was set in the 1990s with similar themes of sex, drugs, and relationships. Moreover, Euphoria is similar to teen dramas like My So-Called Life, Skins, and Degrassi.
  • Before auditioning for Euphoria, Hunter Schafer, who plays Jules Vaughn, was a model. She started her acting career with Euphoria. 
  • The show gained popularity with unique makeup. In this series, different characters represent their personalities with makeup. Many fans are still obsessed with Rue’s look in the iconic carnival episode. She was wearing gold-glitter upside-down triangles under her eyes, which was one of the most popular makeup looks from the show.
  • Sydney Sweeney kept a diary for her role before filming the show. It helped her portray the role perfectly and understand Cassie’s inner thought processes.
  • Barbie Ferreira auditioned seven times for the role of Kat Hernandez to make sure whether she would fit for the role or not.
  • The Kissing Booth Star Jacob Elordi revealed in an interview with Wonderland magazine that he was practically homeless when he auditioned for the show. 
  • Levinson and Zendaya expressed that filming at the carnival was the toughest part. The weather was harsh. The carnival was about 125,000 square feet, making it challenging to use all the cameras and other equipment. 
  • The explosive fight between Rue and her mother was improvised. Zendaya said that she felt that fight was out of character for her. After that, she fell sick.

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