How Well Do You Know about the Massachusetts NFL Team?

Julia | 12 - 31 - 2020
How Well Do You Know about the Massachusetts NFL Team

Massachusetts is home to many major sports teams. Massachusetts has a long history with professional sports teams and Boston professional football teams. Do you know which football teams in Massachusetts are famous? Play our Massachusetts NFL Football team quiz now.

New England Patriot is the famous professional American football team who used to play their home games in the town of Foxborough, Massachusetts which is located southwest of Boston Town.

The New England Patriots team was founded as Boston Patriots in the year 1959, and it was a charter member of the American Football League (AFL) until 1970. They changed their team name from Boston Patriots to New England Patriots in the year 1971 as they relocated to Foxborough, Boston.

In Which Year Did the Patriots Play Their First Game?
  • A. 1960
  • B. 1961
  • C. 1962
  • D. 1963

Patriots struggled a lot as they never had a regular home stadium when they were in the American Football League(AFL). During their time in the American Football League, the Patriots played in various stadiums like Nickerson Field, Harvard Stadium, Fenway Park, and Boston college’s alumni stadium.

The Boston NFL team played only one AFL championship game in the 1963 season in which they lost to the San Diego Chargers, after that the Patriots did not appear in any of the AFL or NFL postseason games for the next 13 years.

When the NFL and AFL merged together in the year 1970, the Patriots were placed into the American Football Conference where they play even now. This popular Boston NFL team competed in the National Football League(NFL) as a part of the American Football Conference (AFC)  East division.

By the year the New England Patriots had some success and they advanced to the playoff in 1976 as a wild card team and in 1978 as AFC east champions. After losing in both the rounds the patriots were unable to play for the next eight more years. And the ownership has been changed 3 times. Later it was purchased by James Orthwein in 1992.

With one of the best NFL coach Bill Belichick, the Patriots became one of the most dominant teams in the NFL. During the 21st century, the Patriots won six super bowl championships. During their sixth Super Bowl championship, the Patriots defeated the Los Angeles Rams.

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