Waipuhia Waterfall Will Leave You Amazed

Emma | 09 - 22 - 2021
Waipuhia falls

Overview  of Waipuhai Waterfall 

  1. What makes waterfalls Go up in Hawaii
  2. Direction for Waipuhai
  3. Inverted Waterfalls around the World

You might have seen different types of waterfalls: hidden waterfalls, underwater waterfalls, segmented waterfalls, and even fan waterfalls. But have you ever seen an inverted waterfall that flows up? Yes, you read it right! A waterfall in Hawaii goes up. The upside-down waterfall in Hawaii is called “Waipuhia Falls.” Waipuhia waterfall has an elevation of 450 meters and it flows over the cliff of Mount Konahuanui which is situated northeast of Nuuanu-Punchbowl. It is popularly nicknamed the upside-down waterfall.

What Makes This Waterfall in Hawaii Go Up?

This unusual phenomenon is because of the strength of the wind blowing at this place. This waterfall in Hawaii goes up with powerful northeasterly trade winds. These trade winds strike from the northeast which makes the Waiphuia falls upside-down. Defying gravity is one of the most profound on this island so it makes the waterfall flow up. This upside-down waterfall in Hawaii that flows up is not an optical illusion but a rare sight to see.  

What Do You Call a Waterfall That Goes Up?
  • A. Ledge Waterfall
  • B. Plunge Waterfall
  • C. Cascades
  • D. Hosetail

Directions to Go to Waipuhia Falls

The waterfall in Hawaii that flows up is not only unusual but also quite tough to access. Due to a lack of maintenance and overgrown trails, Waiphuia Falls are hard to find and there is a chance to get lost in the way. So amateur hikers must restrict themselves from going to Waipuhia Falls. This unique inverted waterfall in Hawaii is only visible along the Pali Highway that too only during the wet season, especially in the presence of strong winds and heavy rains. There is no proper lookout platform for you to view the unusual waterfall in Hawaii that flows up. You can view Waipuhia Falls from inside the car while driving along the highway in the direction of Kailua. The Waipuhia Falls are on the right side of the road. If you think it’s worth giving a visit, make sure you carry your raincoats, umbrella, warm clothes, and mosquito repellents. 

Inverted Waterfalls around the World

Mother nature has never failed to amaze us with majestic natural wonders. Here we’ve listed enigmatic inverted waterfalls around the world. 

  1. Kinder downfall – Central England
  2. Waiphuia falls- Hawaii
  3. Cliffs of Moher -Ireland 
  4. Cachoeira da Fumaça- Brazil 
  5. Furepe Falls – Japan
  6. Talca- Central Chile 
  7. Rjúkandi Waterfall- Iceland

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