Weird Laws in Michigan That Still Exist

Emma | 08 - 24 - 2021
weird Laws in Michigan

Michigan, “The Wolverine” state is not only famous for touching four of five great lakes but also for its weird laws. Every state is different, so are its laws. Laws are created mainly to protect people but every state has its own handful of weird laws. If you’re planning to move to Michigan or planning a holiday there make sure you know these dumb Michigan laws. Some of Michigan’s laws are wacky, dumbest but overall we’ve clubbed the interesting and weird laws in Michigan. 

18 Weird Laws in Michigan

  1. Adultery is illegal and it is a felony-level crime in Michigan but the state will punish only after the innocent spouse files a complaint.
  2. Anyone above the age of 12 can get a gun license but they should not be a convicted criminal. The person applying for Concealed Pistol Licence (CPL) should not be diagnosed with a mental illness. 
  3. It is illegal to have sex in a parked car but it’s okay if the act happens takes place on the couple’s own property.  
  4. Killing a dog or any other animal using a decompression chamber is illegal. 
  5. If a robber gets hurt in your house, he/she can file a lawsuit against the owner. This is because the property owner has the duty to maintain the safety of their house and trespassers. 
  6. No man may seduce or corrupt an unmarried girl, if he does so he will be prisoned for five years. 
  7. This is one of the oldest crazy laws that still exist in Michigan. Cars should not be sold on Sunday as it is considered “Lord’s Day”. 
  8. This is considered as dumb Michigan law that a man isn’t allowed to scowl at his wife on Sundays. 
  9. Pigs can run free in downtown Detroit but it should have a ring in their nose. 
  10. Women can cut their hair only with the permission of their husband. 
  11. In Michigan, the last Sunday of June is named Log Cabin Day 
  12. You are not supposed to paint sparrows and sell them as Parakeets. This is one of the stupid Michigan laws and it is practiced even today. 
  13. You’re allowed to keep your cow on Mainstreet Downtown in Wayland but you have to pay 3 cents per day. 
  14. Smoking while in bed is illegal in Michigan. 
  15. This is one of the strange laws in Michigan, all bathing suits must be inspected by police in Rochester. 
  16. It is illegal to serenade your girlfriend in Kalamazoo. It is one of the old crazy laws in Michigan.  
  17. It is unlawful to be drunk on a train in Michigan. 
  18. It is legal for farmers to sleep with their pigs, cows, goats, horses, and chickens in Clawson, Michigan. 

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