We Bet You Didn’t Know These 10 Crazy Laws in Kansas

Eliza | 02 - 19 - 2022
Crazy Laws in Kansas

Laws were mainly created to protect you, but certain countries practice weird laws that seem fake but are actually in the law book and Kansas is no exception. Kansas is the 34th state of the U.S. This state is famous not only for its sunflower and beef but its weird laws. We’ve clubbed some of the dumb laws in the sunflower state. 

10 Crazy Laws in Kansas

  1. You’re not allowed to shoot rabbits, including cottontails and jackrabbits from motorboats. The reason for creating the crazy weird law is unknown. 
  2. Hand fishing was once illegal in Kansas, but it was legalized in 2007. However, there are many limitations as follows
    • Allowed only for flathead catfish.
    • Allowed only in the Kansas River (origin to downstream).
    • All federal reservoirs (from 150 yards of the dam to the upper end of the federal property).
    • Should not use man made fishing equipment like hooks or snorkeling. 
    • Apart from the fishing license, you have to pay $27.50 for a hand fishing permit. 
  3. Snowball fights with friends and family are fun, but it’s illegal in Topeka, kanas. 
  4. In Lawrence, you are not supposed to wear or carry a bee in a hat. The origin of the dumb law is unknown but make sure you follow it when you’re in Kansas.
  5. You’re not allowed to serve wine in teacups. 
  6. You’ll be fined 50 cents if you say “George Washington”, without the phrase ‘blessed be his name.”
  7. Bathtubs with four legs are not allowed to be installed in Kansas. It’s unclear why this law was created, but some people believe that it was created to prevent animal cruelty.  
  8. In Derby, it is unlawful to hit, strike or bang a vending machine that stole your money. But worry not, you won’t be sent to jail for this action. 
  9. Kansas bike helmet law – You can ride a bicycle without wearing a helmet. However, it is not advisable. 
  10. Splitting on a sidewalk is illegal in many cities in Kansas. This law doesn’t seem to be dumb, but if you break this law, you will be fined heavily. 

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