What Are the Two Traditional Colors of Halloween?

Iris | 08 - 28 - 2021
colors of Halloween

When it comes to Halloween, from home decor to candies we decorate everything with orange and black colors. But have you ever wondered where do these Halloween color schemes come from and why do we stick to the traditional colors of Halloween in everything? Discover everything here at TriviaSharp. 

What Are Halloween Colors?

When we take it traditionally, black and orange are the main colors associated with Halloween decoration and custom. Nobody knows that purple is also another common color of Halloween but not a traditional one. Some people still believe that purple also comes under the colors of Halloween as it is often linked with witchcraft and magic. 

According to some legends, the purple color is associated with witchcraft as the purple door represents the mark of the home of a witch. On the other hand, people think that purple may be connected with some market strategy to make Halloween more colorful and playful. Despite all these stories, purple has been now officially linked to Halloween. When you take many Halloween decorations you can notice more purple decorations.

What Do Halloween Colors Signify?
  • A. Fall-Winter Connection
  • B. Good-Evil Connection
  • C. It Is a Myth
  • D. None of the Above

Why Are Orange and Black Are Halloween Colors?

You might wonder why it has to be orange and black? We all know that every holiday is associated with certain colors like red and green for Christmas, but what does orange and black have to do with Halloween? 

Based on Halloween custom, both orange and black were intentionally chosen as they are opposite colors. Orange color represents the warmth of autumn, associated with the changes of leaves, the decorations of pumpkins, and the fall harvest. It shows that the orange color is lively which showcases nature only a few times in a year that is during the time of Halloween. 

On the other hand, we have black color, which typically represents darkness, death, and evil. Black is chosen for Halloween because it describes evil, spirits, and the underworld. There has been an ancient story that “The Celts and Druids celebrated Samhain and welcomed the spirits of their ancestors” which makes a certain connection between the color black and the holiday of Samhain. 

It’s hard to imagine Halloween without orange and black Halloween candy. There are so many iconic traditions for Halloween connected to orange and black colors. From pumpkins and candies to witches and black cats, you can notice everything linked to halloween colors.

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