What Do You Know About Seinfeld Superman?

Ashley | 11 - 08 - 2021
How much do you know about Seinfeld Superman? Play this engaging trivia to test your knowledge as a die hard fan immediately.

The Seinfeld Superman is a known fact to most Seinfeld fans but do you know why there is a Superman reference in most episodes? Read more to know more.

Seinfeld: How Many Episodes?

Seinfeld is an American sitcom series portraying the life of Jerry Seinfeld, a small-time stand-up comedian. Seinfeld was a mixture of both reality and imagination. The show was first telecast on 5th July 1989. The NBC show ran for 9 seasons with a total of 180 episodes. The last episode was aired on 14th May 1998.

Do you know that Puerto Rican Day was the only Seinfeld episode that was banned? The 176th episode was after Kramer was seen stamping the Puerto Rican flag after burning it. 

Which Superhero Is Referenced in Seinfeld?
  • A. Superman
  • B. Batman
  • C. Superwoman
  • D. Catwoman

Seinfeld Superman References

Both real and reel life Jerry Seinfeld are Superman fans. Seinfeld is a big comic book fan and Superman is his favorite. Although Superman was the main theme behind most of Seinfeld’s episodes, not all of them had Superman references.

While Kramer did rightly say Seinfled’s life revolves around Superman and Cereal, ‘The Racer’ and ‘Bizarro Jerry’ were the only two episodes that actually portrayed Superman upfront.

‘Bizarro Jerry’ became the most famous episode following the introduction of Lois, Jerry’s girlfriend. Elaine also finds a boyfriend named Kevin (Jerry’s bizarre version). Kevin houses a long-haired superman status in his home just like Jerry. This iconic Seinfeld Superman Statue made the episode a popular reference item in the modern-day as well.

Superman in Seinfeld

Out of the 180 episodes (172 if 1-hour episodes weren’t considered as two 30 minute episodes), the Seinfeld Superhero appeared only 46 times clearly. The director of the series does not take in the Superman fridge magnet and the statue at Jerry’s apartment as a part of this count.

Peter Melman, the writer, and producer of Seinfeld said that he had no intention of including Superman in Seinfeld intentionally. Since Superman’s traits were completely opposite to that of the series’ characters, it became a go-to humor godown for the writer.

Fun Facts About Seinfeld

Seinfeld was supposed to be a one-night thing. It wasn’t proposed as a ‘Show about Nothing’! There was different opening music for every single episode. Jason Alexander didn’t appear in only one episode of Seinfeld titled ‘The Pen’. Apparently, there is something called the Seinfeld curse that has prevented the show’s main cast from having a successful career post the series’ end.  ‘The Contest’ episode was based on a real incident of Larry David. 

They also had a strict ‘No hugging, no learning’ policy at Seinfeld, and Elaine’s New Yorker cartoon for Seinfeld got published in the New Yorker for real! 


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