What Does the Color Code on Toothpaste Tell You?

Julia | 02 - 22 - 2021

Caring for your teeth is the most important part of your day-to-day life. So whenever you are about to choose a toothpaste you will look into the flavor, ingredients, expiry date, and benefits. But how many of you noticed the color code on toothpaste? Do you know what the color bar at the bottom of toothpaste means? Here we have gathered answers to all your questions like why do toothpaste tubes have colored square markings and what does the color mean on toothpaste? Get into our blog to know about them.

Myths behind the Meaning of Color Codes on Toothpaste

There are different tiny square color stripes on toothpaste tubes. Some of you might think that these colors represent the ingredients of the toothpaste and pay close attention to it while buying your toothpaste. The four-colored (Black, red, blue, and green) squares at the bottom of the toothpaste allegedly represent the following toothpaste color code meaning.

Who First Invented the Toothpaste?
  • A. Chinese
  • B. Egyptians
  • C. Romans
  • D. All of the Above
  • Black – Pure chemical 
  • Red – Natural and chemical 
  • Blue –  Natural and medicine
  • Green – Pure natural 

But actually, there is no evidence that they have something to do with the formulation of toothpaste. It is actually a myth that has been floating around the people for a long time. They originally represent the brand that goes through their production method. 

Those squared color boxes are transverse by the beam sensors during production and they signify the machines where it has to cut, fold and seal. If you really want to know about the ingredients go through their ingredients printed on the box of toothpaste.  

Most of the toothpaste has the following ingredients like 

  • Humectant material – To prevent the hardening of the toothpaste.
  • Abrasive – To polish and to prevent food debris of the teeth.  
  • Binding material – A binding & thickening agent to stabilize toothpaste. 
  • Sweetening agent – Adding a light sweetener won’t give you cavities. 
  • Flavoring agent – Flavours like spearmint, peppermint, and anise are added to prevent bad breath.

When it comes to toothpaste, everything is chemical including the natural ingredients that are used in them. So you can just ignore the color codes and you can look for the ADA seal of acceptance or its manufacturing and expiring date. 

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