What Is a Star Nursery?

Iris | 02 - 14 - 2020
What Is a Star Nursery

Star Nursery:

A star nursery is an interconnecting space structure where new stars are born. Like “Sharpless 29” which was found in the year 2017 by the European Southern Observatory’s Telescope, every star nursery is unique and the discovery of them leads to a better understanding of our galaxy and space. 

It is the process in which the dense clouds of mass break out a lot of combusting stars and gas in the Interstellar space. These giant structures which are holding millions of stars inside which are ready to scatter in space are called star nurseries.

Star Formation Stage

Newborn stars are oversized spiral structures of gas and dust. These are more active in nature. They create huge gas explosions and emit fumes in space. Space scientists have found such a huge star nursery recently with a size of 9000 light-years long and 400 light-years wide. The new star nursery is in closer proximity with the Sun and just 500 light-years away from the sun. It is named as Radcliff wave in honor of Radcliffe Institute for Advanced study of Harvard University. The Star nursery consists of long thin extensions of spiral galaxies.  The formation and discovery of these space structures help refine our understanding of space and our galaxy.

1. Which Is the Closest Star to the Sun?
  • A. Polaris
  • B. Alpha Centauri
  • C. Proxima Centauri
  • D. Antares

Most of the new stars are less than 2 million years old from the earth’s dimension of time but tiny in space-time. Newborn stars are very dynamic and vigorously emit a lot of radiation creating cavities in the sphere. There are also constant stellar winds and blow of excess particles in the surrounding area.   The ultraviolet rays from these stars create a purple glow in the region. The scattered particles resulting from the emission cause blue light and the dark crack like structures are formed by the cloud of dust particles.

Scientists believe that the presence and discovery of these structures during the star formation stage will help in understanding more about the solar system and star formation.

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