What Is the Deadliest Planet in the Solar System?

Leia Smith | 01 - 26 - 2021

Venus-the Most Dangerous Planet

Venus is the deadliest planet in the solar system. There are many facts about Venus that prove that life on the planet is impossible. Firstly, the extremely hot temperature of the surface of Venus (462°C) makes it inhabitable. This extreme temperature is because of the thick CO₂ layer surrounding the planet. Forget humans, the temperature is hot enough to melt lead. This inhabitable atmospheric condition makes it a highly dangerous planet in the solar system. 

How Is Venus Hotter Than Mercury?

 The scorching heat of Venus is due to the extreme greenhouse effect from the sun. Though Mercury is the planet closest to the sun, Venus ranks high in terms of being the hottest. 

Secondly comes the most essential aspect of survival, water. The clouds in the atmosphere of Venus are acidic in nature, typically made up of drops of sulphuric acid. Could it get any more deadly? But researchers say that there used to be a time when Venus had water which formed oceans but apparently, it is quite unclear how and why the oceans disappeared making the planet the last place one can even think about surviving in. The presence of sulphuric acid is also said to cause heavy lightning storms which again is a terrifying thing to think of. 

The Atmospheric Pressure of Venus Is ________ Times More Than That of Earth.
  • A. 90
  • B. 50
  • C. 150
  • D. 200

None of the spacecraft that entered the atmosphere of Venus lasted more than two hours. Attempts to land spaceships on Venus have been very less futile because of the burning temperature of the planet that could melt or destroy even the spacecraft metals. 

Venus’ atmospheric pressure is 90 times greater than Earth. In fact, the thick atmosphere and pressure are the reasons for the planet’s high temperature. However, Venus only ranks fourth in the planet with the highest pressure. Saturn ranks first followed by Uranus and Neptune. 

Venus is losing its atmosphere rapidly, but that brings it nowhere close to reducing its pressure or temperature. Hence, Venus is considered the deadliest planet in the solar system that could melt almost anything in an instant. 

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