What Is Valentine’s Week and How Is It Celebrated?

Ashley | 01 - 18 - 2021
What Is Valentine’s Week and How Is It Celebrated

Valentine’s Day, also identified as Saint Valentine’s Day, is celebrated on February 14th every year. This day is celebrated worldwide and was considered a celebration of love and romance. Usually, the 7 days before Valentine’s Day is also celebrated. In this article, we will discuss what is Valentine’s week and the purpose of Valentine’s week. If you are looking for some ideas on how to make valentine’s week special, we have also got it covered for you.

What is Valentine’s Week?

Valentine’s week starts on the 7th of February and ends on the 14th of February. The whole week is celebrated starting with,

Rose Day-  February 7th

The Tradition of Gifting Flowers Dates Back to the 17th Century during the Reign of King Charles Ll.
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  • B. False

Proposal Day- February 8th

Chocolate Day- February 9th

Teddy Day- February 10th

Promise Day- February 11th

Hug Day- February 12th

Kiss Day- February 13th

And ends with Valentine’s Day on February 14th. 

Why do people celebrate valentine’s week?

This is the week to express your love and affection towards your loved one. This Valentine’s week will strengthen your relationship and help you create a better bond with your lover. 

Rose Day

This is celebrated on February 7th marking the beginning of Valentine’s Week. Usually, flowers are given to their loved ones in order to express their love and affection. The valentine’s day tradition of gifting flowers dates back to the 17th century when King Charles ll was exposed to the language of flowers. This focuses on communicating through flowers without uttering words. The colors of the flowers also indicated several meanings. Yellow flowers referred to disappointment, purple indicated asking for apologies while red flowers indicated deep love. There is also another theory according to Greek mythology that suggested that the rose bushes grew from the ground through the tears of Aphrodite and the blood of her lover, Adonis.

Proposal Day

This day is celebrated on the second day of Valentine’s week, February 8th. It was founded by John Michale O’ Loughlin to remind people to propose to their loved ones before it’s too late. This day usually happens during the day when stars and planets align with each other(Vernal Equinox). Hence, Proposal Day is perfect for those who are planning to propose to their crush as the day marks new beginnings. You can surprise him/her with gifts such as flowers, cakes, or something depending upon a person’s liking. It is usually celebrated by proposing their crush or your lover with a wedding ring as a symbol of their future wedding. 

How to propose on ‘Proposal day’?

  • Take them out for a candlelight dinner 
  • Try doing a beach proposal
  • Propose by gifting them something they have been wanting for a long time
  • Try a romantic bonfire proposal

Chocolate Day

The third day of the week, February 9th is usually celebrated as Chocolate Day. On this special day, you can express your love and affection by presenting them with chocolates. It is given to represent their sweet relationship and how the couples want it to take it forward. Chocolates are usually related to happiness. Chocolates also have other health benefits including, maintaining heart health, improving memory, and reducing cholesterol levels. The cocoa polyphenols present in the chocolate can have a positive mindset on a person’s mood. Therefore, beginning Valentine’s week will help you celebrate a happy and positive Valentine’s Day.  

Teddy Day

Teddy day usually falls on the fourth day of the week, February 10th. A teddy is a cute stuffed animal that is cozy and huggable. It is a representation to remind your lover that they should always be there for each other to feel loved and secured. There is also a common belief that the day got its name from Theodore Roosevelt after a teddy was designed to support his decision of not killing animals while hunting. A teddy was also considered a girl’s best friend as it is usually adorable, mushy, and cute to cuddle. Therefore, it was gifted to remind them of their loved ones.

Promise Day

Promise Day is celebrated on February 11th, on the fifth day of the week. The day is celebrated to represent the importance of commitment. In a relationship, being together and going steady was important. On this day, you promise your loved one to stay committed and be there for each other through thick and thin. You can also make a handmade greeting promising them to take the relationship forever. 

Hug Day

This day is celebrated on February 12th, usually before the Kiss Day. A hug can make everything so special and memorable. On this day, you can give a cozy hug to your loved one to tell them your love and concern. Hugging someone also has health benefits including relieving stress and reducing pain. When you hug someone, your bodies release oxytocin that can elevate your mood and help you feel happy. A hug can also make an emotional change, improve your self-esteem, and strengthen your immune system. 

Kiss Day

This is the perfect day to tell how much they mean to you through a kiss. This is celebrated on February 13th and is the best way to convey your innermost feelings to your loved one. It is a symbolic representation of commitment. Take your loved one out on a date night and express your love by giving them a gentle kiss. This will improve the bond between you both and helps retain a long-lasting relationship. 

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th and this is the day we all have been waiting for. Buy a romantic to your loved one and take them out to their favorite place. We have listed some of the most romantic places for valentine’s day, choose one, and celebrate the day of love in a dreamy location. On this day, express your love and its importance in your life. Make them feel special by giving cards or flowers. The best thing you can do is spend the whole day with him/her. Small and simple moments like this help you lead a happier relationship! 

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