All About Valentine’s Day Candies & Candy Trivia Game

Eliza | 01 - 20 - 2024
All About Valentine’s Day Candies & Candy Trivia Game

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. When we hear the word ‘Valentine’s Day’ the only thing that comes to our mind like a flash is ‘gifts and chocolates’. There is no Valentine’s Day without candy. You may give many precious gifts to your Valentine but chocolates will be a standard one in that list

How the Tradition Started

Richard Cadbury started the tradition of giving chocolates on Valentine’s Day. During the 1800s chocolates were very expensive that only elite people could afford them. Cadbury was the first company to produce chocolates at an affordable price. Later to increase the sale he introduced a ‘heart-shaped box of chocolates’ on Valentine’s Day. This beautiful box of chocolates was embellished with valentine’s day cupid and roses which attracted millions of people. It became popular mainly for its appealing box which people can use as a storage box. Later, giving chocolates became a valentine’s day tradition and symbol of love and romance.

Why We Should Give Chocolates on Valentine’s Day

  • Chocolate is good for the heart
  • Chocolate is said to be food for gods
  • Chocolates can make you happy 
  • Above all, it’s a simple expression of love

Famous Valentine’s Day Candies

Sweetheart Candy

Sweetheart also known as conversation hearts is one of the most famous candies during Valentine’s Day. This candy has been in the market for more than 100 years. They change the embedded message on the candy every year. Initially, these candies had funny sayings ‘married in pink, he will take a drink’ & married in satin, love will not be lasting’ so it was mainly used in weddings.

This Candy Comes in Adorable Heart-Shaped with a Printed Message and It It Sold Popularly on Valentine’s Day
  • A. Sweetheart Candy
  • B. Candy Hearts
  • C. Little Heart
  • D. Valentine Hearts

Jelly Belly Cupid Corn

Not only for Valentine’s Day this candy is also famous for Halloween and it is said that this candy has been shot by cupid’s arrow and turned into red, pink and, white for the sake of  Valentine’s Day


This candy company came into the market in 1941s and it sold across 100 countries. To celebrate cupid’s favorite day this brand made its Valentine edition in three colors red, pink, and white.

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