What Was the First Christmas Song Ever Written?

Eliza | 11 - 28 - 2020
First Christmas Song

The first ever Christmas song was Jesus Refulsit Omnium. Back in the 4th century, Bishop of Poitiers, St. Hilary of Poitiers wrote this song and it has become the oldest Christmas song.

History of Christmas Songs

When you hear about the history of Christmas songs, you will probably remember about the “Last Christmas” song and “All I want for Christmas is You”. But they are not the oldest Christmas songs. Christmas songs have a history that dates back to more than a thousand years. And one of the songs is Jesus Refulsit Omnium. If you talk about the Christmas carols – Silent Night is one of the famous carols in 1818.

Back in 336, the Catholic Church officially recognized December 25th as Christmas. They celebrate Christmas by singing Christmas hymns.

When Was the First Christmas Song Written?
  • A. 404 A.D
  • B. 336 A.D
  • C. 560 A.D
  • D. None of the above

And “Jingle Bells” was published in 1857 under the name “One Horse Open Sleigh.

Oldest Christmas Song – Jesus Refulsit Omnium

Jesus Refulsit Omnium is often cited as the oldest known Christmas song in the world. Like many of the first Christmas songs, “Jesus Refulsit Omnium” is a Christian hymn. The hymn was composed in Latin by St. Hilary of Poitiers sometime in the fourth century. It is believed that he may have created the song after the first recorded Christmas celebration took place in 336 AD.

Several people credit St. Hilary as the first Latin Christian hymn writer and two other hymns are attributed to him. Although “Jesus Refulsit Omnium’ is the oldest Christmas hymn, it isn’t widely-known today.

Some of the Oldest Christmas Songs Ever Written:

“The friendly beasts”

“Corde natus ex Parentis” (Of the Father’s Love Begotten)

“In dulci Jublio” (In sweet rejoicing”) / Good Christian Men, Rejoice

“Good King Wenceslas”

“Entre le boeuf et l’ane gris” (“Between the Ox and the Grey Donkey”)

“O Come, All Ye Faithful”

“Resonet in laudibus” (Let the voice of praise resound) / “Christ was born on Christmas Day”

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