Where Are “Happy Hour” Signs Banned?

Elmira | 10 - 07 - 2020
Where Are “Happy Hour” Signs Banned

Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, Indiana, Maine, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, and Massachusetts have banned Happy Hour. Kansas and Illinois are the states that repeal the ban on Happy Hour in the 21st century. The reason behind banning Happy Hour is it not only discourages binge drinking but also bans selling alcohol at discounted prices or giving away for free will motivate people to drink more.

Happy Hour Is Banned

Banning Happy Hour means it is illegal to sell low-priced drinks and it encourages customers to drink more at a bar or restaurant.

It increases alcohol-related problems such as drunken driving and public indecency. The above-mentioned states are trying to evade the likelihood of this happening, or at least trying to reduce the chance of incidents. A few organizations like Mothers against Drunk Driving (MADD) aren’t against the idea of banning Happy Hour altogether.

What Does Happy Hour Mean?
  • A. Dancing Hour
  • B. Cocktail Hour
  • C. Black Hour
  • D. Beautiful Hour

Happy Hour Laws by State

Massachusetts’s Happy Hour

Massachusetts was the first US state to ban Happy Hour on December 11, 1984. This state banned Happy Hour to eliminate low-priced alcoholic drinks that may encourage excessive drinking and cause incidence like drunken driving.


Alaska bartenders are not allowed to give out free drinks and even can’t offer a drink to customers who are already in possession of two other alcoholic beverages. This state is also not authorized to sell drinks at “a price less than the price regularly charged for the beverages during the same calendar week.” 


Like other states, Indiana also prohibited bars and restaurants to sell alcoholic beverages at a low price.

Happy Hour in North Carolina

Customers can get discounts on food during Happy Hour, but drinks are still prohibited.


Oklahoma state law does not support to “advertise or offer ‘Happy Hour’ or any other means or inducements to stimulate the consumption of alcoholic beverages,” and specifically selling drinks “on any one day at prices less than those charged the general public on that day.” 

Happy Hour in Rhode Island

This state doesn’t have Happy Hour specials on alcoholic beverages.


This state has a ban on Happy Hour especially on drink deals like other states.


Bars and restaurants are not prohibited to decrease prices on drinks and beverages at any point during a day.

Even though a few states have banned Happy Hour completely, several states set specific restrictions to manage it. It includes banning free offers on alcohol or discounted drinks, advertising prices of alcohol, offering more than one drink to individuals and offers drinks as promotion or prize. These restrictions may vary from one state to another.

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