Where Did Cupid Come from? History & Origin of Cupid

Vannessa | 01 - 20 - 2021

Who Is Cupid?

We’ve all seen the picture of an adorably cute winged infant who is always portrayed with a bow and arrow. But, how did the ideology of Cupid originate?

According to Greek mythology, Aphrodite was the goddess of love and beauty. Her son Eros ultimately became the god of affection who casts his arrows to make people fall in love. After the Roman era began, people adapted the tale and started considering Cupid, the son of Venus, as the god of love and affection, and desire. There is also a legend that states that Cupid has two kinds of arrows; one to make people fall in love and the other to make people fall out of love. All this dates back to around 700 B.C.

The History of Cupid

We also get to hear a story of how Cupid was a handsome young man, contrary to the belief that he’s an infant in all the portrayals. Being frightened by Cupid’s ability to cause tragedy, people started portraying him as an infant under the protection of his mother Venus. As years passed, artists during the Renaissance period started painting Cupid as a cute infant with an arrow being struck through two hearts.

When Was Cupid Born?
  • A. 800 BC
  • B. 700 BC
  • C. 600 BC
  • D. 400 BC

Why Is Cupid Related to Valentine’s Day?

In the 17th century, people started connecting the day of love with the legendary god of love, Cupid. Moreover, the industrial revolution in the 18th century brought in several changes in society like printing postcards. So when Valentine’s Day started being celebrated, people in the press started printing cards with Cupid’s image as a winged infant. Ever since then, Cupid has been portrayed in connection with Valentine’s Day.

What Does Cupid Do?

Singles usually pray that Cupid hit his arrow on them on Valentine’s Day. There is a belief that two people become star-crossed lovers when Cupid hits them with his arrow. It is one of the most popular Valentine’s day myths.

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