Where Is the Highest Auto Tunnel in the World?

Elmira | 09 - 02 - 2020
Where Is the Highest Auto Tunnel in the World

Eisenhower Tunnel in Colorado

 The Eisenhower Tunnel is the highest auto tunnel in the world. The tower is located in Colorado with a maximum elevation of 3,401 m (11,158 feet) above sea level. It is recognized as the longest mountain tunnel and reaches the highest point on the Interstate Highway System. It is one of the highest vehicular tunnels in the world. The westbound was opened in 1973 and the eastbound bore was opened in 1979.

It is officially called the Eisenhower–Edwin C. Johnson Memorial Tunnel which is actually a dual-bore moreover four-lane vehicular tunnel in the western US. It stretches approximately 60 miles west of Denver, Colorado. The tunnel holds Interstate 70 under the Continental Divide in the Rocky Mountains.

Eisenhower Tunnel Length

The Eisenhower Memorial Bore (westbound tunnel) is 2.72 KM (1.693 miles) long whereas the Edwin C. Johnson Memorial Bore (eastbound tunnel) is 2.73 km (1.697 miles) long. Both tunnels have an elevation of 11, 158 feet (3,401 m) at the west portal, and 11,013 feet (3,357 m) at the east portal. When(While) the Eisenhower Tunnel remains the highest vehicular tunnel in America, other countries started construction of tunnels elsewhere such as the Fenghuoshan Tunnel, a rail tunnel in China. But the Eisenhower tunnel ranked for being the highest point on the Interstate Highway System and also the longest mountain tunnel. The bores in the tunnel measure 15 by 12 m(48 by 40 feet). The division accessible to the public is a rectangular shape that is almost 4.9m (16 feet) tall. The rest of the bore is utilized for water drainage systems and forced air ventilation.

1. When Did Eisenhower Tunnel Open?
  • A. 1973
  • B. 1978
  • C. 1974
  • D. 1966

Tunnel Bores

The tunnel was originally constructed as a twin-bore tunnel. The construction of the westbound bore (North Tunnel) started on March 15, 1968, and was completed on March 8, 1973. The bore was first named the Straight Creek Tunnel and later it was called the Eisenhower Memorial Bore. The second bore construction was started on Aug. 18, 1975, and was completed on Dec. 21, 1979. It was named after Edwin C. Johnson, a former governor and USA senator who helped for an interstate highway system across Colorado.

Eisenhower Tunnel Facts

  • Ten people died during the construction of the Eisenhower tunnel.
  • The tunnel was constructed 47 years ago.
  • The Eisenhower tunnel was originally named as the Straight Creek tunnel.
  • It cost around $116.9 million to construct the westbound bore and $144.9 million to erect the eastbound bore.
  • There are 190,000 cubic yards of concrete that were utilized in construction.
  • Up to 1,140 people were worked to build the tunnels.
  • The Eisenhower tunnel is around 42 miles from Vail Colorado.
  • The Eisenhower tunnel system lies completely within the Arapahoe National Forest.
  • There are around 1,496 feet of rock and earth above the tunnels.
  • Tunnels are active for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Traveling through the Eisenhower Tunnels can save 9.1 miles by not having to travel over U.S. Highway 6, Loveland Pass.

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