Where Was the First Baseball Stadium Built?

Elmira | 08 - 10 - 2020
Where Was the First Baseball Stadium Built

The first baseball stadium was built in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on June 30, 1909. The name of the stadium is Forbes Field and it is one of the oldest major league baseball stadiums made of concrete and steel to increase its lifespan. This stadium was home to the Pittsburgh Pirates and closed on June 28, 1970. It is a baseball park and a third house of the Pittsburgh Pirates (MLB) team Major League Baseball. In Forbes Field’s opening season, the Pirates defeated the Detroit Tigers in the World Series.

It is the first home of the Pittsburgh Steelers, the city’s National Football League (NFL). From 1909 to 1924, this stadium was set out as the home football stadium for the University “Pitt” Panthers. In 1758, it was named after its adjacent street, Forbes Eve and the name may honor the British General John Forbes who fought in Indian and French war in 1758. Sometimes fans were allowed to sit on the grass in the outfield when there is no space to sit due to overflow crowds.

The American Major League Baseball player Fred Clarke said in 1909,

1. Who Hit Home Runs Out of Forbes Field?
  • A. Barry Bonds
  • B. Willie Mays
  • C. Mike Trout
  • D. Babe Ruth

“Pittsburg can now boast of the world’s finest baseball park. It is a marvel of which people in other cities can have no adequate conception until they come here and see it.”

First Baseball Stadium in America

Did you know? The Pirates won three World Series in Forbes Field. The Pittsburgh Panthers football team had such an incredible five undefeated seasons.

It was the site of numerous historic events in Major League Baseball. The Pirates’ first season in Forbes Field ended with a World Series win against the Detroit Tigers. Forbes Field hosted the final triple-header in MLB history on October 2, 1920. Babe Ruth hit his last three home runs of his career. Forbes was damaged by two fires before it was demolished in July of 1971.

What Happened to the First Baseball Stadium?

The final match was played in the stadium in 1970, June 28. The match was between Pirates and the Chicago Cubs and the Pirates played a doubleheader against the opponent team. It was the first baseball game at Forbes Field in 1970. In July 1971 Forbes Field was demolished after 60 years of use and cleared for use by the University of Pittsburgh. The wall is still standing as a tribute to the field and one of the most historic plays in baseball.

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