Which Countries Do Not Celebrate Christmas?

Elmira | 11 - 27 - 2020
countries that don't celebrate Christmas

As millions of people love to decorate their homes and Christmas trees, there are a handful of non-Christian countries that don’t celebrate and recognize Christmas (December 25) as a public holiday.  

Where is Christmas not celebrated? If you aren’t aware of these countries that don’t celebrate Christmas, you are at the right place to learn and know why the birthday of Jesus isn’t celebrated everywhere on the planet.

 Countries That Don’t Celebrate Christmas

 As Christmas is celebrated in a different way all over the world, we have put together some countries and people, who don’t celebrate Christmas and are known as non-Christian nations because they won’t follow the culture of celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. There are more than 40 countries that don’t observe Christmas. Let’s have a look at a few.

What Countries Do Not Celebrate Christmas?
  • A. Norway
  • B. Liechtenstein
  • C. Qatar
  • D. United States


 The nation has Muslim-majority and had a chaotic relationship with Christianity for decades. Hence, there is no significance given by the nation for Christmas.


The majority of festivals and celebrations are approved by the growing expat community in the nation. Generally, Christmas is not considered a holiday due to the prominent Muslim community in Qatar.


Officially Mongolia is known as a Buddhist country, so Christmas is not recognized as a famous holiday like other countries.


Like Mongolia, in China, 25th December is just a normal working day. Even though Chinese people don’t have holidays on Christmas, they like to follow Western traditions including gift exchange and Christmas dinner.


Morocco is not known for celebrating Christmas but is recognized as the highest dunes of the Sahara Desert. The country is known for famous landmarks such as Casablanca and the Majorelle Garden. Not for Christmas.


It is another Muslim-majority country that does not observe Christmas as a big festival since it became an independent nation.


This country has a small population of Christians. Therefore it decided not to celebrate Christmas. The recent census claims the nation has 100% Muslims.

North Korea

Christmas has not been recognized as a holiday in North Korea since the Kim period began.


In this country, December 25th is a normal working day and people don’t celebrate like other festivals in the country.


Yemen is recognized for its war-torn state which hasn’t observed Christmas as a great festival for decades.

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