Which is the Largest Hotel in the US?

Ashley | 11 - 08 - 2023

Excited to know which hotel in the United States holds the title of being the largest?

Well, this blog is for you as we are going to take a ride to discover the largest hotel in the US.

MGM Grand Las Vegas: A Fun-filled Resort with Excellence and Luxury

MGM Grand Las Vegas, the biggest hotel in the United States built in 1993, is a pioneer in the hospitality industry that offers an extraordinary experience and sets unique standards of excellence. The hotel is located on the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada and it is also known as the third-largest hotel complex in the world. It has 6852 rooms and suites, 30 floors, five outdoor swimming pools, rivers, waterfalls that cover 6.6 acres, shops, nightclubs, restaurants, and more. It is an iconic destination and is meticulously designed that provide guests with the utmost luxury, entertainment, and excitement with its awe-inspiring architecture and sheer size.

What is the largest hotel located in the USA?
  • A. President Hotel
  • B. Hotel USA
  • C. Avari Hotel
  • D. MGM Grand Hotel

What’s More Special About MGM Grand Las Vegas?

Unbeatable Spot for Entertainment


At the MGM Grand, entertainment and excitement are guaranteed with a variety of concerts, events, and magic shows. It is considered to be a major hotel in the USA and home to the legendary MGM Grand Garden Arena, which has hosted some of the most prominent names in music, sports, and magic shows. David Copperfield is one of the legendary magicians running a show at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. MGM Grand offers a truly memorable entertainment experience from world-class boxing matches to unforgettable live performances. 

Gaming Adventure


MGM Grand Las Vegas is the perfect destination for those who are seeking the thrill of gambling. The casino floor spans 171,500 square feet and 2300 gaming machines and also 10 types of table games are there to play inside the hotel. It has blackjack, poker, slot machines, race and sports betting, and much more, and offers the best gaming experiences. When it comes to slot machines and casinos, Nevada has the highest number of slot machines and is ranked top on the list. Whether you are a new or experienced gambler, it offers such a unique experience.

Delicious Dishes


When it comes to food, MGM Grand never disappoints us. MGM Grand is a  massive American hotel that offers various mouthwatering dishes that every food enthusiast will enjoy. They satisfy every human with a wide range of dining options and the most popular food in the USA. No matter what you prefer, the MGM Grand has got you covered with vast food varieties.

Relax and Chill


After a day of adventure, MGM Grand also offers a place for relaxation as it is considered to be the biggest US hotel. The MGM Grand Resort offers a swimming pool and a world-class spa where guests can indulge in a variety of rejuvenating spa treatments. By providing a wide range of amenities for relaxation, MGM Grand ensures that guests feel refreshed and rejuvenated.


The MGM Grand Las Vegas is not only the largest hotel property in the USA but also a destination that offers the most memorable experience with its unmatched entertainment, culinary delights, luxury amenities, and more. Also, there will be a lot more things to do in Las Vegas. So, if you are looking for a thrilling adventure and a relaxing gateway, MGM Grand is the perfect spot. So, what are you waiting for? Book and experience the luxury and adventure.

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