Why Do Golf Courses Have 18 Holes?

Leia Smith | 10 - 06 - 2020
Why Do Golf Courses Have 18 Holes

Have you ever wondered how the concept of 18 holes in a golf course came into existence? Well, here’s the history behind it! The game of golf was invented in Scotland in the 15th century but there were no defined rules when it came to the number of holes in a golf course. The idea of 18 goals came into play only in 1764 when the golfers at St Andrew’s introduced the 18-hole round. Eventually, other clubs adapted this idea of an 18 hole-round in their course. This can also mean two rounds of a 9-hole course. 

How Long Does It Take to Golf 18 Holes?

It is said that to golf 18 holes, it takes a group of professional players an average of 3.5 to 4 hours. It again depends on a lot of factors including skill, experience, the type of golf course, etc. This approximation is derived when the game is played in the foursome format. It would take less time with fewer players on the field. 

Factors Affecting the Average Time to Play 18 Holes of Golf

  1. The average time to finish the 18 hole-round in golf majorly depends on the skill of the players. Professional golfers with good experience can cover it in a matter of 4 hours while amateurs require more time to play a round of 18 holes. 
  2. The average time is reduced when a golf cart is used during the game. Walking definitely consumes a lot of time and hence 18 holes of golf time could exceed 5 hours.
  3. It will take an average of four hours if the course is wide-open, and longer when the golf course is rough and difficult to play.
  4. The time to complete a round of golf also depends on how busy the course is. With a crowded course, the time taken will also be extended.

Where Was America’s First 18-Hole Golf Course Built?
  • A. Illinois
  • B. New Jersey
  • C. California
  • D. Alaska
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