Why Does the Paper Have Margins?

Elmira | 02 - 23 - 2021
Notebook Margin

Blue lines in the notebook make it easier to write stuff down horizontally. It is believed that margins were created to leave space for teachers’ remarks which is not entirely true. The original reason was to protect papers from rats that could eat pieces of information along with the paper. Therefore people began to leave empty spaces around the corners, where the damage commonly happened.

What Is There a Margin in a Notebook?

The notebook has a line on the left side that runs down on each page. It is commonly used for planning, taking notes, to-do lists, or anything.

What Is the Color of Margin Lines?
  • A. Blue
  • B. Black
  • C. Red
  • D. Yellow

The Real Story Behind

The notebook margins were invented because of mice. They like to eat notebook paper.

Writing in the notebook from left to right is the common method of writing, every piece of information is essential, this is the main objective of writing down everything. What will happen if that information isn’t safe in the notebook? Margin comes to the rescue so that you can leave some space even if hungry rats or mice eat the paper. Your information remains safe.

Papers that are lying around could become the meal for those rodents. They can bite and tear any papers. They have only one solution to secure their written work by adding red margin lines to stop rats from making their notebooks as a snack.

Why Are Notebook Margin Lines in Red? 

Have you ever wondered why a notebook’s writing lines are in blue and a margin in red? John J. Pleger’s book Bookbinding and Its Auxiliary Branches affirmed this makes your notebook more easily made. The color theory further stated that the red line indicates the necessary attention to know where to stop, whereas the blue lines are faint but visible enough to guide you to write correctly.

Another theory explained that blue lines are created not to show up on xerox machines. Photocopies can give a neat look by showing the words, which are meant to pay attention to words alone. 

From a marketing perspective, they began to sell notebooks with a faint margin line.

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