World’s First Cinema Music Band

Vannessa | 02 - 10 - 2021
World’s First Cinema Music Band

World’s First Cinema is an alt rock-pop music band based out of Los Angeles founded by Fil Thorpe and John Sinclair. The duo focuses on cinematic orchestration with melodic pop vocals. They released their first singles “Can’t Feel Anything” and ‘Red Run Cold’ amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. The band faced difficulty in engaging their audience as live shows were not an option anymore. Live streaming of the shows to contain higher bandwidth of audience was also ruled out. 

Their singles “Can’t feel anything” and “Red run Cold” crossed over a million streams and topped the Spotify Pop rock Playlist. In an interview, the duo mentioned that their goal is to make both worlds meet and create something that feels like the piece is from a dramatic scene of a movie. Fil is also one of the founding members of the pop band Neck Deep. He left the band in 2019 and moved to LA to concentrate on music production.

Fil & John first met at a friend’s board game night in Los Angeles. The name “World’s First Cinema” for the band was coined by Fil, which enclosed a solid idea without giving away much information. 

Who Are the Founders of the Band “World’s First Cinema”
  • A. John Lennon & Paul McCartney
  • B. Fil Thorpe & John Sinclair
  • C. Elton John and Bernie Taupin
  • D. Sam & Dave

“Red Run Cold” is a sensational piece of alt pop by World’s First Cinema that creates a rich and authentic experience. The track rises and falls within the band’s melodic sound. Electronics seeps through the track creating an intensive experience as the heavy beat erupts that adds more power to the melody.

‘Cold Sets in’ is a mild and enriching track that displays a clean cinematic production by World’s First Cinema. The track encompasses emotions from melancholy to hope through their elegant piano. 

World’s First Cinema Facts

  1. They love to describe their music as Theatrical, atmospheric, explosive, and cinematic.
  2. John & Fil used the lockdown time to write plenty of music. They even booked an Airbnb for a week or two to make music.
  3. They like watching horror movies, playing Dungeons & Dragons and Ramen.
  4. Their favorite song is Bat Outta Hell by Meat Loaf, which is 10 minutes long and brings many emotions.
  5. Taylor Swift’s “So casually cruel in the name of behind honest” is their all-time favorite lyrics.

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